Recently we brought out the Family Feud and rocked the Direct Marketing Solutions holiday party at Kate's Bar and Grill in Wiickliffe, OH. Members of the DMS team got to face off in our awesome family feud style game complete with podiums and team booths. You too can join the fun and have our feud style game at your holiday celebrations. We offer multiple packages and we are sure to have one that will fit your budget. So celebrate the holidays by gaining to bragging rights over your family and bring to the feud to your house!

Limited Time Offer!!!

Basic Package.................$550.00

Basic Package includes: 
  • Game Software with your custom questions pre-loaded.
  • Technician to run the games from behind the scenes.
  • Printed question cards for your host.

Deluxe Package..........$1590.00

Deluxe Package Includes:
  • Game Screen with Stand (large TV Screen)
  • Game Software with Custom Questions
  • Face Off Podium with Buzzers
  • Team/ Family Stations (2)
  • Fender PA System with Microphone
  • Gameshow Hosting Services


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