Hello Everyone! Executive Events & Entertainment is gearing up for another summer season. As the season starts we are busy cleaning up our inflatables so we can bring you, the customer,  the cleanest, safest product around. Check out the following blog article for information about how we clean our inflates. Be sure to view our homepage for the latest deals from 3E.

Scrub a dub dub!

You may have asked yourself, (if you haven't you most certainly should have!), "is the bouncer im renting clean?" If you rented your bouncehouse from Executive Events & Entertainment you can rest assured that that bouncer has been cleaned rigorously!  Our inflatables are cleaned and disinfected by hand after every rental.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process is simple. First we start cleaning our bouncer rentals by blowing the bouncehouse up. Once the bouncehouse is inflated we attack the dirt with mild dish-washing liquid soap and water. Each inflatable is scrubbed inside and out. Once the initial cleaning phase is done we move on to the disinfection stage. 

Viral Destruction!

Once the initial cleaning stage is done our bouncers are disinfected using Spray Nine spray cleaner. Spray Nine kills 99% of infectious bacteria and viruses including Ebola!  Once the bouncer has been disinfected it is secured in a storage bag and  placed on the shelf ready for the next party rental!  


So you may be asking, "why so much guff about having a clean bouncer?" Everyone, from little ones up to adults want to have fun in a safe environment. Here at 3E, we ensure your bouncing environment is clean and ready to go! In essence, we offer worry free fun for your party goers. Even if you choose another Cleveland Bouncehouse company; be sure to demand a clean and safe bouncer! Or you can contact us! 



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