Summer Parties
Summer is here and that means it's time to party! From Backyard BBQs to Summertime Birthday Parties, we have the rental items to make your party amazing and more importantly FUN!  Over the years we have waded through the steamy mugginess that is summer to find the best items to beat the heat with. Below is  a few of those items. So if you are looking to cool off this summer and have a little fun at the same time, give Executive Events & Entertainment a call.

Dunk Tank Rentals

Ready.......Set........DUNK! Our Dunk Tank Rental offers all the fun of the classic carnival game with some added safety. Our Dunk Dunk features a red and white striped safety fencing to keep a safe distance between the tank and the thrower.  Check out the video below to see the Longest Dunk Tank Throw in the World made by Gatorade. Our Dunk Tank is the same design featured in the video without all of the Gatorade of course!

Looking for a way to keep cool without causing your water bill to go through the roof? Look no further than our Deluxe Slip N Slide Rental. Our Slip N Slides consume only a fraction of the water that a Dunk Tank Uses.  We offer two sizes, a smaller one for smaller children (not featured) and a larger, deluxe unit made for big kids and adults (Featured to the left). 

Looking for a Smaller Splash?

The Hydroblaster is a great way to keep cool without taking up a lot of space. An added benefit is the competitive nature of the game. up to four participants race to fill a balloon that hangs over each participants heads. First one to get their opponent wet wins!

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