A big part of what we do at Executive Events & Entertainment is consumer advocacy. In essence we review the party packages being offered by our competitors and ensure that the deals you, the customer, are receiving are up to snuff. In other words if you find a deal at a bouncer company we cant beat than it might be too good to be true. This week we found such an instance being offered by a photobooth rental company in Solon.

Bait & Switch

      We received a call from a client (who will remain nameless) regarding a groupon being offered for a 3 hour photobooth rental for only $295.00. Seems like a great deal right? Think again! Upon further investigation we discovered that this deal is certainly too good to be true. When attempting to redeem the groupon for a photobooth rental we discerned that this company was indeed offering a photo station (open air photo taking equipment) not a photobooth! Further, delivery, staff, and props were all at an extra cost.

Price Breakdown

So, let's compare their package with the one offered here at Executive Events & Entertainment. For sake of ease lets say it is a 3 hour event and you want some funky props and an attendant with the booth. What would the cost be?

Photobooth Rental from Us

What's Included:
Completely Private Booth
Automated Printing
A Box of Funk Props.
Customized Logo
Social Media Uploads.
USB drive with all the photos.
3 Hour Rental

 Total Cost: $495.00

Delivery: Free within 15 miles!

Groupon Competitor

What's Included:
Open Air Photo Station
Automated Printing
A Box of Funky Props
Customized Logo
3 Hour Rental
NO Social Media Options
NO USB Drive with photos

Total Cost: $695.00

Delivery: $50-$100

So it would seem that when the numbers are added up our photobooth rental beats them all. So, whereas we are sure that groupon itself offers great deals; dont be fooled by the bait and switch technique. Some companies will put up any price that will get you to call.


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