Have you ever wondered how sno cones are made? Well you are in luck! This article covers how to make the perfect sno cone. Upon reading this you will be able to beat the heat with a delicious sno cone.

Step 1: Rent a Sno Cone Machine

There are two options when it comes to sno cone machines, you can either buy one or rent one. We personally recommend renting one but if you are dead set on owning your own high quality sno cone machine they can be found HERE. But!, if you want a hassle free sno cone machine (one you don't have to clean yourself *wink wink*), you can rent one form Executive Events and Entertainment. Click Here to Rent a Sno Cone Machine. Once you have your sno cone machine ready its time to add some ice and get your sno cone cups ready!

Step 2: Grind the Ice

Lift the handle on the top of your sno cone machine. scoop ice into the chute until it is full. Push the red button on the machine while simultaneously pushing, with even pressure, the chute lid back down. Be sure to keep your fingers and ice scoop out of the ice chute. Once the chute lid is all the way back down all of your ice has been ground and the chute is ready for a new scoop of ice. Be sure to fill the machine with at least five scoops worth of ice shavings before trying to make a sno cone. The more ice shavings in the machine, the colder the machine will be thus the longer the ice shavings will last. 

Step 3: Make the Perfect Sno Cone!

Your sno cone should have (whether you rented one or bought one) a scoop with a long handle that kind of looks like a soup ladle. First, take the aforementioned ladle looking device and scoop some ice shavings into the bottom of your cone shaped . If you are not using cone shaped cups then it is not really a sno cone is it? We might cover that next week. Once you have a good base of shavings in your sno cone cup it is time to form the dome and by its own right the most signature part of a sno cone! Take a scoop of ice shavings and flip the ladle device full of ice shavings onto your sno cone cup. before removing the ladle be sure to twist it while gently pressing down. This is what forms the dome of the sno cone. Then just add some flavored syrup and ENJOY!




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