How is a Bouncy House Made?

Ever wonder how a bounce house is made? Look no further! We will tell you everything you need to know about making bounce houses. Bouncehouses, obstacle courses, and giant slides. They key is choosing high quality materials to ensure a high quality end result.

What is high quality vinyl?

When choosing an inflatable to buy or rent, be sure to ensure that the inflatable is made from phthalate free 18 oz Vinyl PVC. This ensures that your inflatable was not manufactured using any nasty chemicals and that it is heavy duty enough to handle big kid bouncers (adults). Here at 3E we always purchase inflatables made of high quality vinyl to ensure durability and that the customer gets the best quality of inflatable available on the market.

Sewing Up Seams

Before any inflatable is produced, a 3D model is made using computerized imaging software that allows the designer to see what the inflatable will look like before it is sewn together. The software also tells the designer what the physical constraints are (i.e.  how tall the inflatable can be and still stay inflated etc.).  The next stage involves cutting the vinyl pieces. The average bouncehouse has over 50 separate pieces of vinyl. Once the pieces are cut they head over to the sewing machines where they are sewn together using high gauge coated vinyl thread.  Once the pieces are sewn together, the inflatable is inflated and tested to ensure there are no leaks.  Now the inflatable is ready for FUN!

Check out the video below to see how inflatables are made!

Video brought to you by the Discovery Channel!



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