Executive Events & Entertainment here and we wanted to share with you some of the best and worst Halloween Inflatable Rentals! Whether it is a bounce house, obstacle course, or mechanical bull there have been some well conceived inflatables and....well... some pretty terrible ones. Check out our list, and as always you can find safe, clean, and affordable bounce house rentals HERE.

The Best

Here we have an inflatable haunted house. OK The idea was well thought up but unfortunately you have to come up with your own scare tactics. Add a few strobe lights, fog machines, and creepy sounds and you have a full blown haunted house experience.  This is not our top pick but it comes pretty close to being the coolest inflatable rental in awhile.
Here we have a bounce house pumpkin style. Who doesn't want to jump in a pumpkin shaped bounce house, well maybe one with a little less creepy of a face. This has to be the most disproportionate pumpkin face we have ever seen. Either way this bounce house will give you plenty off Halloween fun.
This inflatable obstacle course takes the prize as the coolest and best Halloween Themed inflatable we have ever seen. Comes with multiple obstacles and a trap door slide! A good color combination coupled with HD haunted house graphics on the front of the obstacle course makes this one an inflatable to remember!

The Worst

Welcome to the spiderdome! Act now and you can jump in a bounce house that has the same coloring as the black widow spider, no venom please! Although this seems like a normal bouncer, it got onto our list for two reasons. Firstly, the entrance is constructed with the sole purpose of tripping every participant that tries to enter or exit. Second, it is technically not a spider, it only has six legs. Last time we checked, most spiders have eight legs.
How about a nondescript black castle shaped bounce house in a creepy white room. In fact it i not the bounce house that should be feared, it's keeping that room clean! Overall this bouncer is not too bad but it may make parents uncomfortable that they can only see their kids from one side. 
WINNER! This is the absolute worst Halloween Themed Inflatable that we have ever seen. In fact, we can't even tell you what it is. Is it partially inflated? Is it an obstacle course or a haunted house tube thing? We have no clue! So if you are looking to rent a bounce house, obstacle course, or photobooth this lengthy holiday season; look no further than the best Bounce House Rentals around, Executive Events & Entertainment!


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