Ever wonder what the craziest bouncehouses ever made were? Well, OK, we realize that tons of loony and strange looking bouncehouses have been made over the years but this article will cover our top 5 from 2016. So without further ado' here are the strangest bouncehouses we found this year. The year is not over yet so we may find more and we will keep you updated with any new and wacky inflates we come across.

5. The Irish Pub Bouncer

Ever want the cozy intimate feel of a small neighborhood pub in your local..... a..... soccer field? There's a bouncer for that! Feast your eyes on the Irish Pub Bouncer. Complete with a faux fireplace. By far this is not the strangest bouncer we've found but if you enjoy beer and like to bounce off the walls.....literally! then this is the bouncer for you.

4.  A Bounce House....Literally

Here we have a house made out of......well..... a bouncy house.  This group funded project in southern California sought to alleviate the problem of homelessness by providing affordable and portable housing. You wont get into trouble for jumping on the beds in this house!

3. Inflatable Colon

Talk a walk through your colon! This inflatable was made for a hospital system in Ohio. The goal was to give kids an inside view of the human colon. Participants walk through a large inflatable tube meant to simulate the environment of the large intestine. Unfortunately there are no inside shots but who really wants to see where all their poo passes?

2. Dog Poop Slide

There is nothing better than an inflatable Giant Slide but here we see some definite design flaws. Kids enter the slide through the front which is the mouth of the dog. They exit....well....through the butt. Kids beware! the neighborhood dogs will certainly be interested in how you smell after riding this weird inflatable.

1. Pigs in the Poke

This one may not be as outrageous as the colon or the poop slide but it certainly takes the top spot due to just outright strangeness. A burning question arises when looking at this photos; What the heck are the kids doing? What is the point of this bouncer? Are all the kids eating trough style out of side of an inflatable pig? We may never know.  All we do know is that this is hands down the strangest inflatable we have ever seen!
We hope you enjoyed the list. If you are looking for a good old fashioned fun bouncer, slide, or obstacle rental. Look no  further. We have them here and with no dog butts! Call and book today (440)-271-1081.


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