Congrats Cleveland!

Congratulations Cleveland for getting into the World Series 2016!. This year has been a big year for Cleveland with the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA Championship and all of the recent urban rehabilitation projects in the downtown area.  Why not celebrate with throwing your own World Series Party. Check out the following items which we feel would make any World Series Party an event to remember regardless of what team you are rooting for. 

Speed Pitch

Celebrate the World Series 2016 with seeing how fast you and your friends can pitch a baseball. See if you can pitch better than Corey Kluber with this premium inflatable rental. So grab a ball, step up to the mound, and let it fly!

Inflatable Tee Ball

Batter's up! We don't know who will win the World Series yet but you can find out if you are a championship batter.  Grab a bat and see how far you can hit the ball.  Don't worry with a guided backdrop the ball comes back every time!

Bungee Sports Challenge

Okay so this one is not baseball themed but it offers the best of football and basketball all in one inflatable.  Shoot baskets or score a touchdown with the Bungee Sports Challenge. Oh!, did we mention you have to pull against your opponent while attached to a springy bungee cord. So take the challenge today!

The Multisport

Why limit your sporting options? Grab the multisport inflatable game and play basketball, baseball, soccer, frisbee and more. This is truly the best inflatable for any sports themed party.

Good Luck Cleveland Indians!

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