Buy a Bouncehouse

Ever want to own a bouncehouse but the ones available at your local retailer are just not cutting the mustard? Don't Worry! We know exactly how you feel. Check out the article below for the best place to buy a commercial bouncehouse locally and abroad!

Decide what Bouncehouse Best Fits You

Bouncehouses are fun but also require some basic maintenance to ensure you have the optimal bouncing experience.  A bouncehouse should be cleaned and sanitized after each use.  Be sure to choose a bouncehouse made out of easily cleanable materials like vinyl. A bouncehouse also needs to be dried out each time it gets wet or else mold will develop and ruin the bouncehouse! Finally, remember that a standard bouncehouse is 15 feet by 15 feet by 15 feet. Essentially most bouncehouse are like a giant cube; be sure to have plenty of space around all sides of the bounce to ensure that no objects will rub a hole in the bouncer.

Pick a Reputable Dealer/Manufacturer

This is perhaps the most important part. Be sure to buy your bouncehouse from an experienced dealer. There are lots of bouncehouses out there and some o them do not meet safety standards. Remember a lot of bouncehouses are made in China who may not have the same production or safety standards as the United States.  Always check where  the boucehouse was made. 

A stress Free Buy

Why not let someone else do the work for you? Have you considered buying a used bouncehouse from a reputable rental company? At Executive Events & Entertainment we take pride in knowing the bad bouncers from the good. We have spent years sifting through different inflatable manufacturers and we have a good list of great bouncehouse companies which we use to purchase our own equipment.  At the end of each summer season we sell our bouncehouses at an extremely discounted price. That means you get a professional quality bouncer for a fraction of the cost.  An added benefit is that the bouncehouses we offer are so gently used that it is difficult to tell the difference between our used ones and a brand new bouncehouse.  

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