There are a lot of photobooths out there. Making the decision of which kind to have at your party can be tough. Do you want just  a plain color printing booth or a interactive green screen? Would you like custom backgrounds for your photos?  Check out the following tricks and tips to renting a photobooth.

Tip 1: Know the Type of Booth

Photobooth Rentals come in many different shapes and sizes. When contacting rental companies be sure to know exactly what you want and know the difference between a photobooth and a photo station (basically in open air camera).

Tip 2: Know the Features

Some photobooths have social media uploading or email features that allow you to post your pictures directly to facebook and other social platforms. Other Photobooths have green screen backgrounds which animate your photos. When ordering your booth make sure it has the features you want!

Tip 3: Know the Price

This is perhaps the most important tip. Make sure you use a company which is up front about the cost. If you are buying a photobooth make sure your retailer tells you how much the cost is per print. If you are renting a photobooth make sure the company does not have any hidden fees. Be sure to shop around and read reviews of the company you are thinking of ordering from. Always ask for free props!



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