Throwing a party for March Madness? Why not rent an awesome arcade game package or basketball themed inflatable game? There are many reasons why to rent some games for a sports watching party. Check out the list below for some of that sweet sweet justification.

1. Commercials

Everyone hates TV commercials especially when you are trying to watch your favorite sports team. Why not take a break during those commercial breaks and challenge your friends to some mini basketball shootout or perhaps fooseball. With our Arcade Package you will have no trouble passing the time in during commercial breaks.

2. Kids, Kids, KIDS!!!!

We all love kids but sometimes they can just get in the way of some good old fashioned vegetation on the couch. They can wreak havoc on the almost sacred quiet needed to fully appreciate a sporting event. Why not occupy those kids with inflatable basketball game? They will be shooting their own hoops while you watch your team shoot theirs.

3. When all else fails!

When all else fails, keep your guests happy and quiet with some delicious buttery popcorn.  Our popcorn machine is as easy as one, two, three! Turn on the machine, heat it up, dump in the popcorn and bam! We also have soft pretzels and funnel cakes!

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