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Have you ever noticed the sales tax on virtually all of you day to day transactions. From going to the gas station to buying a book online you will undoubtedly run across sales tax. Did you also know that services like Bouncer Rentals or carpet cleaning also charges sales tax? With taxes being charged to many of your transactions it is important to become tax savvy with regards to larger charges.  What do we mean by tax savvy? Read on to find out! 

Location, Location, Location!

What you may not be aware of is that sales tax changes depending on what county you are in. Sales taxes in Ohio can range from 5% to 9%. This means that you could potentially pay more for the same service depending on where your party is held. Plan to have your party within a county that charges low sales tax. it could even be as close as the next county over.


Another little known fact about renting a bouncer is the requirement for insurance. If you are holding your party in a city or metro park you are required to have the park labeled under the party rental companies insurance policy. Most rental companies will do this free of charge. Parties can be shut down by a park ranger if a certificate of insurance is not filed with the park offices. So overall, whether it be taxes or insurance with a little bit of ingenuity or tact you can save yourself quite a few dollars on your next party or event.
   Rain can  put a damper on any party. Even more so when you have an expensive inflatable rental for your guests to enjoy. Why let the rain ruin your party? There are plenty of rental items that you or your guests could enjoy in the rain. With a little bit of ingenuity you can turn a rained out party into a splashfest that everyone will enjoy. Check out the following article for great ideas for when your party gets rained out.   

Water Games?

Water Tag Rental
 To avoid a wasted party rental. Check the weather for your party date up to seven days beforehand. This will ensure that if you have to use substitutions the rental company will have plenty of time to come up with some comparable inflates or games that will fit a rainy day. Water games are perfect for wet weather parties. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we offer Water Tag. Have your party guests face off and see which team can soak the other the fastest. Since your guests will be getting wet anyways, water tag is the perfect solution to rainy weather.   

Are there Water Inflates?

Slip n Slide Rentals
Good News! There are inflatables that can handle getting wet. We offer a large inflatable Slip n Slide that can operate all day in the rain as long as there is no lightning. In fact we also offer Dunk Tanks & Big Kahuna games that can run all day in the rain. The key here is to avoid lightning. Unfortunately lightning is the only thing that can put a damper on 3E's ability to produce a memorable party. So call your party rental company and if they don't offer any wet weather items; then call us here at Executive Events & Entertainment and we will be more than happy to bring you some of out wet weather fun!

Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we try to make the party rental experience fast and stress free. The important part is to enjoy the party and not sweat the small stuff the day of the event. To help bolster this fun and stress free rental process we have produced a small article (below) that outline the 3 things you should consider before renting a bouncer. While this list is not all inclusive it will save you time when contacting a party rental company like 3E. Follow this checklist and you will already have most of the information that the rental company will ask you for. This makes it easy for the rental company to quote you and it makes it much less stressful for you knowing that all your bases have been covered. 


bouncer rentals
All inflatables require power. Look around the area you intend to setup the bouncer. Is there an available electrical outlet? If so, is it a standard 110v independent circuit? If not, don't worry you can always rent a generator from the company your are getting the bouncer from. Each bouncer must be inflated by an air blowing machine (commonly referred to as a "Blower") and the blower must stay on throughout the duration of the use of the bouncer. Some larger inflatables require more than one blower this means you will need more than one outlet. Be sure to check all the available power before calling the rental company and do not be afraid to ask for a generator with your order. In some cases like at 3E you will not be charged for the gas to fill the generator! 


castle bouncer
Spacing is key. Having enough room for your food items, entertainment and, of course, the guests is an integral part of a successful party. Be sure to check with your rental company for the dimensions on any piece of equipment you are planning on renting. It never hurts to over-estimate your space needs. Having too much space as opposed to too little is not necessarily a bad thing. With bouncers for instance, including a little extra space in front of the inflate will allow room for a line of people to form. It is much easier and safer for the kids to enter and exit the bouncer if there is additional room in front. 

The Kids

Inflatable Amusement Rental
The most important thing to consider is the kids. What size are they? What is the average age of the kids? How many girls are there as opposed to boys? The answers to these questions will help you determine what type of inflatable amusement rental is appropriate for your party. Remember there are also obstacle courses, giant slides, mechanical bulls & surfboards and a whole host of other inflatables out there. The sky is the limit when planning fun for your party so go all out and hold nothing back. Inflatables were made for everyone to have fun on!

Cleveland Cavaliers Checkers
Everyone remembers those fun family game nights. Playing monopoly, Life, or Jenga leaves lasting memories of fun and family togetherness. While family game night is an enjoyable experience every time, don't you think it is about time to switch things up a little bit? Try having your family game night outdoor and with some of our awesome over sized games. We offer giant versions of Jenga, Checkers,  Connect Four, and operation. Take the fun outside and enjoy the summer air.  

 Is your family fun night running a little stale? Try inviting the neighbors over and holding tournaments. We have multiple units of each game so the sky is the limit. You can even involve the whole neighborhood and obtain the ultimate in bragging rights. We also offer a life sized version of the classic  operation board game. Race against your friends and family and see who can remove the most body parts at once. We offer a game board with the classic parts and some new ones we have added.
silly string
There are few enemies to the Bouncehouse but one of the worst is Silly String. That colorful party favor has wrecked more bouncers, cars, and concrete than we can remember. You may be asking what is so dangerous about Silly String? How can this little aerosol can of fun cause so much destruction and devastation? Grab a loved one and sit back while we tell you of a true tale of horror. The story of Silly String.

The Story

banned silly string
Silly String was invented in 1971 by a couple of scientists (Leonard Fish & Robert Cox) looking to create a spray that will instantly create a cast for broken bones and sprained ankles. After testing a series of nozzles for the string can; the scientists discovered that one nozzle would shoot the string over 30 feet across the laboratory! Cox then suggested that they lessen the stickiness and add multiple colors and start selling it as a toy. They then took their idea to Wham-O in California and Silly String was born!

The Culprit

Silly String Damage
 You might be asking. Why is silly string so vehemently hated by Bouncer rental companies. The answer lies in the chemical makeup of Silly String itself. It is a polymer-based, 11%  polyisobutyl-methylcrylate and 0.5 to 4% sorbitan trioleate dissolved in a solvent that evaporates and acts as a foaming agent. It is the methylcrylate that is the culprit. This chemical reacts when it touches vinyl which is what most commercial bouncers are made of. The result of the chemical reaction is a scorched pattern left into the vinyl after the silly string is removed. The reaction literally eats away the bouncer right before your eyes! This type of reaction is not restricted to bouncers. It can also occur on car seats, car paint, concrete and a whole host of other vulnerable materials. 

A Solution?

The solution is simple. Keep the silly string away from Bouncers, Cars, Concrete or anything else you would like to keep looking nice. Some bouncer companies may flat out ask you if you intend to have silly string at your event and they will steer away from any events in which silly string is used. Silly String can be a fun and unique party favor but it does not come without risk. Risk to the property in the area the string is being used and the wildlife that may potentially ingest the leftovers. If you are unlucky enough to have silly string get on something you hold dear; then spray a little WD-40 on a rag and gently wipe off the string. You can also use Goo Gone or Goof Off but those cleaners come with their own individual risks. 
Accountability is a hot topic when dealing with party rental companies. Our top priority is providing the consumer with a product that is amazing, affordable, and safe. When renting a bouncehouse accountability is of the utmost importance. Bouncer rental companies like Executive Events & Entertainment have to (by law) remain accountable to the state (department of agriculture). Each bouncer rental company must submit an itinerary and training log to the state for review before each and every rental. 

The Process

In Ohio, there is a set of laws that govern the use of Bouncers (on a commercial level). Those laws include:

1. Every Bouncer must be inspected and licensed by a state inspector once every year.

2. Every Bouncer (other inflates too!) must be insured with at least a 1 million dollar policy.

3. Do not operate in winds exceeding 15mph.

4. Riders must follow all the directions of the operator. Failure to do so constitutes a misdemeanor and the rider/ rider's parents can be fined.

What you Should look for

Licensing! All inflatable rental companies must have their pieces licensed and inspected by the state. At the end of this process each inflatable is assigned a license plate number. Much like on your car, the number is used to identify each specific piece. According to state law that bouncer company must have that licensed plate readily available to be seen upon request. Always Ask your bouncer company to show you their license plate number for the bouncehouse you are renting. If it has a number that means that it has passed all of the rigorous safety standards that state puts forth.
Training! Bouncer rental companies are required to keep training logs. This means that whenever you have a bouncer dropped off at your party, the bouncer company should take you aside and run a short training session so you are informed on the do' s and don'ts of bouncer operation. at the end of the training session you should be requested to verify and sign the training log for that inflatable. Training logs are important, the state needs to be able to verify that each and every operator has been trained. This relates back to accountability. Training is an important factor in keeping everyone safe inside the inflatable. If your bouncer company does not offer training or furnish a training log then do not use them! They lack the accountability needed to keep you and your guests safe.  
Cleanliness! Cleanliness to another important thing to look for in a bouncer company. Do not be afraid to ask how often your bouncer rental company cleans their inflates. You should look for a company that cleans their inflates after every use. This ensure that you are getting a sanitary product and something that will add some aesthetic appeal to your party. Nobody wants to allow their children to bounce in a dirty looking bouncehouse. Remember cleanliness is a factor that state looks at when inspecting inflates.    
Social Media plays a large role in modern society. People are now able to stay connected via Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and more. Social Media is important to businesses too! Businesses can use social media engines to promote their products or build a larger customer base. Here are Executive Events & Entertainment we use social media to keep our customers informed about new rental items and offer some photos from their event that they can download or share on their own perspective social media pages..

Update Your Customers!

 Keeping in touch with your customers or fan base on social media engines is key to keeping your business fresh and relevant. Use the engines to send out loyalty discounts or special promotions that will stimulate your existing customers to order again and may even generate some new ones. Posting often also shows that your business is continually active and keeping in contact with your customers. 

Build an Audience

Social Media posts are self optimizing. This means that google will automatically assign keywords to your post based upon it's content. This means that if your content is fresh and relevant then google will promote your posts for you. This will eventually lead to larger audiences and more new customers! Run special promotions that will lead your customers to your social media sites. Do not limit yourself! Sign up for as many social media engines as possible. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we use the big 3 along with a few others; Facebook, Google Plus, & LinkedIn. Remember there are thousands social media sites out on the web. It is up to your to sift through them and determine which ones will be beneficial for promoting your business.

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face painters
Planning a party or special event? Are you considering hiring some entertainment for your guests? Look no further, our guide to performance artists will give you everything you need to make the right decision when it comes to entertaining your guests.  Before making a decision it is important to figure out whether you want a stationary performer such as a stage show or would you prefer a roaming artist who will travel around the party and interact with the guests.

Stage Shows

performer rentals
Stage shows are stationary performances and require a stage or cleared area in which to commence. Stage shows can include, Magicians, Clowns, Actors, Jugglers, Animal Performers and musicians. Each of these artists work better using stages due to the amount of room needed to adequately perform. This type of performance also gives you a captive audience. If you are fundraising, having a stage show is a good way to get all your guests into one area so you can make announcements or ask for donations. The stage show also makes donations a little easier to obtain. A guest will be more willing to donate to your cause if they feel like they are getting something in return...like an awesome stage show!

Roaming Performers

Roaming performers are perfect for large scale events. The artist will delve right into the crowds and interact with the party goers one on one. Artists that fit this need perfectly include, Balloon Twisters, Clowns, Face painters, & Magicians.  Having roaming performers will spread the fun around your entire event and keep your guests engaged. An added benefit to a roaming performer like a face painter or balloon twister is that they offer small mementos for your guests. Everyone loves balloon animals and painted faces! 

Be Picky

Don't be afraid to be picky regarding your performers. There are a million clowns, face painters, and magicians out there. It is your responsibility to ensure you are hiring a quality performer. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we use only the best and most highly rated performers like the Famous Flower Clown. Be sure to use an entertainer agency that has taken the time to sort through all the performers offered. We have spent years acquiring a list of performers that produce memorable and amazing shows every time they perform. Don't take our word for it. Do a little research and see what kind of performers the Cleveland area has to offer and you will see that we only contract the best performers Cleveland has to offer.

We are now offering the Dr. U.R. Awesome Amazing Bubble Show! The good doctor is currently the Guiness World Record holder for largest outdoor soap bubble! 

Here at Executive Events & Entertainment have noticed a disturbing trend in the Amusement insurance industry. As a disclaimer let's start by saying that all parties will remain nameless is this article but rest assured with a little research on google, you will find the same results as us. First, it is important to go over why there is a need for insurance in the Party/Bouncer Rental industry.

Why Carry Insurance?

You may remember last month we did an article on Bouncehouse safety. This was in response to an alarming number of injuries occurring in privately owned bouncers that were being blamed on commercial bouncer rental companies. We have already pointed out that in many of the injuries you are seeing on the news, the bouncer was a privately purchased one (usually sold at larger retailers like Sam's Club or Walmart) not a commercial bouncer. Please refer to our article " Bouncer Rentals : A Dangerous Game?" 
In the state of Ohio where we operate, we are required by law to carry amusement liability insurance for up to 1 million dollars (per claim). Insurance is essential because in the event that an injury does take place the insurance assures that the injured party will have all of their medical expenses paid for and then some.  

The Offense

As we said before the guilty parties will remain nameless but when we went to re-new our amusement insurance this year, there was a 728% increase in the cost of the plan. This increase in cost was due to...........? Actually we have no idea why they would increase our insurance cost without there ever being a single claim on our policy. This trend has been replicated by all the amusement insurance companies across the United States and Party Rental companies are suffering all over. The insurance companies claim that there has been a rise in Inflatable Amusement injuries last year which caused more claims, ergo causing the rates to rise. We are calling that malarkey. After some research you will find that there was no significant increase in bouncer related injuries and that this hike in prices is an attempt by the insurance companies to put a stranglehold on small businesses and take them for as much money as they can. 

The Solution

In all honesty there is no clear cut solution to this issue. If the insurance companies continue this trend, then you may see bouncer and inflatable rental companies disappear all together. You have to remember it is not major corporations that own the bouncer and party rental companies. It is local people, your friends and neighbors that own these rental companies and by allowing the insurance companies to rake them over the coal so to speak, we are effectively destroying another avenue by which small local business can flourish.  
Are you part of a charitable organization? Looking for donations can be a nightmare of a job. Whether it is the uncomfortable feeling that comes from asking or receiving, or the embarrassment of being turned down, no one likes to ask for money. There are several tips you can use when contacting a company to  try and wrest a charitable donation from them.


Companies usually do not just give money away. That would defeat the purpose of being in business.  The trick is to convince the company that giving money away will in fact bring them in more money or save them money. We suggest pooling your resources within your organization. Do you have any professionals like lawyers or accountants that would be willing to trade their services for a donation? This would provide a worthwhile service to the company without the risk of losing money.

Public Relations

    If you do not have any services to trade perhaps you can use the charity's social media and public reach to help boost the "PR" of the company you are trying to get to donate. A company may donate and ask to be featured in the event program as a donor. Offer sponsorships to the companies you are asking donations from. This gives the company a tangible resource they can measure..


Be sure to have the paperwork ready! Every legitimate company will ask you for a record of the donation for tax purposes. Have that paperwork ready to hand over when you ask for the donation. This will increase your chances of having the company donate more than you asked for. Companies want to help their local communities especially smaller companies like Executive Events & Entertainment. Check out the photos below to see some of the items we have donated to charities in the past.