it is that time of year again. Time to pull the inflatable decorations out of the garage or attic and adorn your lawn with some holiday spirit. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we love anything inflatable. Normally we offer bouncer, obstacle courses, slides, and much more but we support anyone who wants to join the inflatable party and display some creepy Halloween Inflates. Check out the following slideshow for some of the crazier Halloween inflatable decorations we have come across. 

What's Your Opinion?

We love hearing from everyone! What is your opinion regarding inflatable decorations? Are they gaudy and unnecessary or an awesome adornment of holiday spirit?

Ever consider building a website for your party? The classic method of informing people about your event was to send out paper invitations. This method evolved to send out electronic invitations. Well it is high time for another evolutionary step. With the advent of social media it has become easier than ever to get the word out about your party. Our suggestion, build a website for your party! Follow the brief tutorial below to see how you can setup your own party site.

The Cost

It is no secret that it costs a little money to start a website. On average a website can be made and maintained for under $20.00. The primary cost is the web hosting service (we suggest Bluehost.com as a host). You can use a free, easy to use, website builder like Wix or Weebly to actually construct the visual elements of your site. Be sure to include the date/time of the party, food options available, and be sure to mention any fun items you will be having like laser tag, bouncers, Fun Foods, or carnival games. The best part of all, you can use the website year after year for different parties!

Get the Word Out

Get the word out about your party. Link your new website to facebook so all of your friends will be able to visit the site. You can even use a free service like mailchimp to start an emailing list regarding your party. Keep all your guests up to date with party changes via colorful emails you design yourself. Having a website and facebook page for your party will ensure that all your guests are informed and it will save you the hand cramps from writing out all those invitations.


For a successful party in the digital age follow these general guidelines:
  1. Buy a website URL (example: www.myparty.com) We suggest using an inexpensive web hosting service like Bluehost
  2. Build your site, construct the visual elements of your site using a free easy to use builder like Wix or Weebly.
  3. Be sure to include all the important info on your site like date, time, and location of the party.
  4. Setup an email list for your party guests so they can stay informed on the status of the party (optional)
  5. Use social media like facebook and twitter to get your website URL our there.
  6. Be sure to relax! Parties are supposed to be fun.
When renting an inflatable you may ask yourself, is there anything else to keep the kids not in the bouncer busy? Well, there is! Here are a few ideas featuring some of the awesome carnival and other items that you can throw onto your order for very little extra money. Carnival Games, Fun Foods, and some smaller inflates are perfect as add on items.  Check out the list below and browse our site for all the extra party options.


Keep your guests busy by offering some awesome fun food. Fun food like popcorn, cotton candy, sno cones, funnel cakes, soft pretzels, and more, gives your guests something to eat as well as keeping pressure off of the bouncer. Essentially the goal is to have your guests spread out throughout your party and interact. Fun foods provide a perfect opportunity mingling.  Check out our complete but not exhaustive list of fun foods here.

Carnival Games

Games are another way to get guests interacting. Bakcyard games like cornhole or horseshoes stimulates interaction by the conduction of a team themed game. Carnival games also have the added benefit of being usable to the adults. Some adults do not want to ride on bouncers and other inflatables so providing them with some carnival games will keep them included. Plan your party so that everyone will have fun!

Inflatable Games

Maybe another type of inflatable might get your guests moving. Try our inflatable twister. Everyone loves that classic game of acrobatic acumen. Get yours guests excited, you can even offer a prize for the last person standing. Be sure to check out all of our inflatable gaming options. This item is perfect for kids and adults.

Hello Everyone! We are excited to show you the photos from our recent inflatable party at Cleveland State University. The party was sponsored by the Campus Activities Board and was meant to give students a break from midterm stress. Check out the photo slideshow below to see all the awesome inflatables we provide including our Giant Slide, Joust, Ultimate Obstacle, and More.

Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we always appreciate our customer's feedback. The review process is important for any company no matter the industry. As a consumer you should always provide your "two cents" to the companies you do business with. This ensures that the company can make necessary changes to their service and that your voice is always heard. Leaving a review for us is easy, just click the link below and it will take you to our google review page. 

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Doubting the importance of the review process? Check out the following video for details on all the benefits of having your company reviewed on google.
Fall time is clam time! All throughout the eastern half of the United States, September through November is Clam Bake season! Actually Clam Bake is a misnomer since most of the clams being eaten now are steamed. Grocery stores everywhere are stocking their shelves with delicious clams and clam accessories. You may be asking, why should I buy a whole clam steamer just to enjoy a couple clams? Or, I have a huge clam bake but not a huge clam bake pot, what do I do? Well, look no further! Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we have all your clam bake needs. Call today and get your clam bake package complete with steamer, basket, and propane! So, call and reserve your clam bake package today and we will throw in a corn toss game rental for free!  So, call today or check out some cool clam bake videos below.

Have you ever had that sweet delicious treat known as cotton candy? Well Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we offer cotton candy machines for rent. You can either rent the machine and make the candy yourself or have one of our professional concessions workers come and spin it for you. Since we are so cotton candy centric here, we have decided to share with our readers some of the awesome and artistic Cotton Candy videos we have come across. Check out the videos below for some true artistry and a little Michael Jackson too!

Fall is the time for harvest festivals. Did you know that Ohio is one of the states with the most fall time festivals. Is it the beautiful fall foliage or is it the general pleasant demeanor that all Ohioans? Ohio has everything from Halloween themed festivals like Ghoulardi (Cleveland, OH) Fest to celebrations like the Apple Butter Churnin Fest (Coshocton, OH). Although winter is fast approaching do not worry, Ohio offers festivals all winter long! Check out the following website for information on all Ohio festivals for 2014-2015.     

Click HERE for Festival List

Plan Your Own Festival

Don't feel like going through the hassle of packing the family into the car and finding a fall festival? Why not plan your own. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we offer an entire array of items which could be used to construct a memorable fall festival. Who not make it a fall time block party (that way you can share the cost with your neighbors). We can bring you everything from carnival games to bouncers. So call today and see what kind of fun we can bring you! Check out the slideshow below for some of our awesome party items. Remember, this is not everything we offer so take a look around our site and see what catches your eye. Click HERE for our homepage.
Howdy y'all! We are excited to announce our newest version of laser tag. This new unit is an open air arena which is fun to play and even more fun to watch. We use inflatable barriers and real laser guns. Each contestant dons a vest and first team to 10 wins! We have multiple units so you can even hold a laser tag tournament and hand out prizes to the winning team. An added benefit of the open air arena is its versatility. We can arranged the barriers into over 100 different arena configurations.

Looking for Something Fancier?

We also offer a large indoor inflatable laser tag arena. This is an inflatable unit the includes guns, vests, black lights, and fun! Although this unit is bigger and fancier than our outdoor option, it is enclosed and does not allow any option for viewing the action going on inside! The choice is yours but one thing is for sure, laser tag is fun for everyone!

Summer has come to a close but that does not mean the fun has to end. We thought that now would be a good opportunity to to showcase some of the new items we procured this year. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we are always trying to find the next new fun item that will make your party the most memorable. While this list includes some of our new fun items, it is not exhaustive so we urge you to check out the rest of our website for all the awesome party fun we offer. Who knows, you might come across an idea for your next party or event.


Although you may have seen photobooths before we offer something completely new! Our photobooth is completely touchscreen and portable. It offers multiple effects to add to your photos including, Pop Art, Black & White, Sepia, and more. out booth also offer mobile upload so you can share your photos to your favorite social media engine directly from the booth. Best of all, we rigorously clean each of our photobooths so they will look perfect whether at a backyard graduation party or a large scale wedding. Get a quote for an awesome Photobooth Rental HERE  

New Games!

We are always coming up with new ideas for carnival games.. Every once and awhile we come across new games made elsewhere that we like to incorporate into our collection. This summer we found two new awesome games that have been growing in popularity, Kam Jams and our Lifes-ized Piano. Kam Jams is an awesome frisbee game that has been sweeping college campuses across Ohio. Our life-sized piano is just that. Remember the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks? Well you can re-enact that famous scene from the toy store. Check out our Kam Jams and Life-sized piano keys HERE. Piano HERE

New Inflatables!

The Big Kid Bouncer is back! We acquired a new combo bouncer that is suitable for the big kids. Our combo bouncers feature a bouncing area, slide, and basketball hoop giving you multiple options for fun. Although winter is coming this combo bouncer will easily fit into most indoor party areas or gyms. Don't let the snow and cold winds stop your fun!  Call and order your bouncer today