Great News! In an attempt to better service our non English speaking clientele Executive Events & Entertainment has gone multilingual! Now you can translate our site into over 60 languages (not all active yet). We only have a limited selection of languages now but we will have them all active soon. So kick-back and peruse our new site and grab yourself a Bouncer or Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental today! Don't forget to check out our Sunday Specials! 

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Fall is around the corner but that does not mean you have to let the summer fun end. The fall weather offers awesome opportunities for Clam Bakes, Harvest Festivals, and best of all, Fall Carnivals. Plan a carnival with Executive Events & Entertainment and get an experience that includes games, carnival foods, and some excellent prizes. So call us today and keep your fun going all year round. 

Carnival Game Package Rentals

It all starts with carnival game rentals. Give us a call and let us know you want a carnival package and let the choosing begin! First you will choose your games from a list of over 100 awesome classic carnival games. We have everything from Ring Toss to Spill the Milk. Once you select your games, we will work tirelessly to ensure that each game has multiple prizes and that every patron at your party leaves with a whole host of prizes to enjoy. We offer a whole range of prizes from Inflatable bats to large stuffed animals. Ask your 3E representative for a list of prizes today. 

Carnival Foods

Although not normally part of our carnival game packages out fun foods are a great add on to any carnival. We offer Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Sno Kones, Funnel Cakes and more. The fun foods options are endless. Be sure to ask your 3E representative to give you a list of all our fun food options so your guests can get a little taste of the summer carnivals in the fall!

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Today we have decided to write on the release of a new info-graphic released. by the Child Injury Prevention Alliance. Does that name sound familiar? It should, the major proponent of this alliance, a medical Doctor named Gary Smith. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment, we have decided to make it a point to deconstruct this info-graphic to tell you (the reader) some of the statistical tricks they use to scare people out of renting a bouncer. As a caveat, it is important to note that we support the CIPA and all that they do in helping children but spreading exaggerated statistics to already worried parents may be doing more harm than good. The reason we decided to address this issue specifically is due to the CIPA being based in Ohio and making claims that there are few if any regulatory agencies watching the bouncer industry (not true the Ohio Department of Agriculture has a "Ride Safety" division which governs laws regarding bouncers and other inflatables.).    

The major issue with this info-graphic is that it makes uniformitarian assumptions about the regulations regarding bouncers. It is important to remember that Smith's study only pertains to statistics gathered from hospitals in Ohio and are self reporting. Meaning, that the patient admits to the doctor that they were in a bouncer when injured which may not necessarily be the truth. 
Another major issue is that it draws correlation between a study done in 1995 and the recent one done in 2012. Since bouncers have been gaining in popularity over the past 20 years so it can be reasonably assumed that the number o injuries would go up.
The last issue we would like to raise is the 1500% increase in injuries is a grossly overblown statistic. Look at it this way if the initial sum of x's is equal to 1 and the sum (sigma) of the second set of numbers is lets say 11. That would be a 1000% percent increase. So showing a percentage increase may not necessarily be representing the numbers correctly. 

So, What do we do?

So, do we just stop using bouncers and other inflatables altogether? The answer is NO. With any type of product or service you need to give it due diligence in terms of researching the possible dangers of the activity. Here at 3E we make the following suggestions:

1. Do not use a privately produced bouncer like those found at Sam's Club, Walmart, and more. these bouncers do not come with adequate anchoring.

2. Use a professionally trained, licensed, and insured party rental company like Executive Events & Entertainment.

3. Bouncers are not babysitters. They are not meant to be setup and left alone with the kids. All children must be supervised by a trained professional at all times.

4. Don't buy into the hype. These activities are perfectly safe when everyone follows that rules. One of the major issues we have come across over the years is the parents encouraging their children to break the rules within the bouncer.  We cannot even tell you how many times we have heard the terms "do a flip!' "do a somersault!" although it is clearly posted on the front of the bouncer that such activities are dangerous.
Exciting news! Recently a professor at Kent State University has done reserach regarding how we can use inflatable structures more effectively within urban environments. We have all seen kids having fun in inflatable bouncers but how can those bouncers be used to benefit our society as a whole? Check out the following article so find our how! 

Diane Davis Sikora is  a professor of architecture at Kent State Universities' School of Architecture & Design. She traveled throughout Europe on a 22 day long tour examining how European country uses inflatables for public works projects like urban farms and temporary structures. She debuted her findings in documentary format at the 2013 Rotterdam Film Festival. Her 12 minute video showed that we can effectively curb homelessness and starvation in the United States by setting up inflatable urban farms in vacant lots left by old businesses and closed churches. A link to the article and a  summary of her findings in her own words can be found below. Be sure to support local sustainability programs especially the ones using inflatables and while you are at it why don't you rent a Bouncer for your next party or event?  

“My interests in storytelling include sequential art as well as film-making and for me the benefits of comic book narrative techniques are that they can start to represent a dynamic way to talk about space and to represent space, It’s conceived of as a stabilization strategy for the neighborhood. Through the use of narrative art, the work is also trying to get at the various ways in which the programming of this repurposing can have and to talk about the future scenarios of use.”

Check out the full article HERE

We are happy to announce the acquisition of two new party rental items. The first being a game that has been sweeping across backyards and college campuses all over the USA. Kan Jams is an awesome new Frisbee game. The goal of the game is to try and send your Frisbee into their can. This is a competitive game great for all ages. We even offer multiple sets so you can run your own Kan Jam tournaments. Check out the link below for a complete guide on how to play.

Kan Jam Rules HERE

Another recent addition to our repertoire of fun is our mobile Laser Tag Arena. With inflatable obstacles and ultra precise laser guns your guests will be battling for hours. Our Arena is fully customizable so you can create your own laser tag experience and customize it to fit your backyard or indoor party space. You can even run laser tag tournaments and hand out prizes to the victors! Call and book yours today.

Another labor day has come and gone. Here at 3E we hope your labor day celebrations were exciting and memorable. Over our labor day weekend we had the awesome opportunity to participate in the Lorain County Festival. The Lorain Count Organized Labor Union put together a menagerie of inflatables. They sold tickets at the lowest price we have seen in years (50 cents per ticket). Each ride cost no more than 2 tickets to ride. With these low ticket prices, it allowed for people of all economic backgrounds to participate in the fun. We brought our Mechanical Bull, Giant Slide, Mechanical Surfboard, and of course our Bouncers! Check out the gallery below for some photos from the event. 

Grab any of these awesome inflatables for your next party or event.
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Everyone loves the mechanical bull. Whether you are watching or riding, the bull will give you an experience you will not forget. Did you know that there are different versions of the mechanical bull ride? You can now catch some waves with our mechanical surfboard. So whether you are throwing a western or tropical themed these rides will fit your theme not matter what.

The Mechanical Bull

Yeehaw partners! Saddle up and take on the mechanical bull. With multiple difficulty settings and a realistic looking bull you will have hours of fun trying to see who can last the longest. The best part of it all is that the bull can go indoors or out. We even offer a tent to put over the inflatable so not even inclement weather can wreck your bull riding experience. So call today and see if you can tame the bull!

The Mechanical Surfboard

Looking for something a little less intense than the bull? Look no further then our mechanical surfboard. Perfect for all ages, this ride can be used by adults and toddlers alike. The surfboard can be either tropical or snow themed. Meaning you can either ride the waves and cut through the snow on this awesome inflatable. Just let us know your theme and we will customize the ride for your party. The surfboard is also smaller than the mechanical bull so it is more versatile in terms of spacing.

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Looking to Purchase? We sell them too!

Great news! We are excited to announce that we are starting up our Sunday Special What is a Sunday Special you may ask? Well, starting in September and running through the end of October we are offering some awesome Sunday party packages. Check out the list below for our Sunday Special and see what kind of fun we can bring to your fall-time gathering.

Sunday Specials

Bouncer Package

Package Includes:
  • Standard Bouncer Rental
  • Popcorn or Cotton Candy Machine
  • 50 Servings of popcorn or cotton candy

Only $250.00

Obstacle Package

Package Includes:

 Only $275.00

Offers valid Only on Sundays in September & October

Summer may be winding down but that does not mean the party has to to stop. Here at 3E we try to provide items that keep the party going well into the winter months. This article highlights a few of those items and how they can bring a little pizzazz to your next party or event. So if your birthday is in the winter months do not worry we have plenty of awesome party items to bring.


Put on a big smile and Say Cheese! Our custom photobooth captures lasting memories of your party. Fully touchscreen operated and themed to your event.  Customize the photostrip with your colors, logo, or both. Now offering multiple effects including Comic Strip & Pop Art. Check out the gallery below to see the various effects our photobooth system offers. We are currently offering the most advanced and easy to use photobooth software available.

Arcade Games

Recreate a classic arcade at your party with our awesome arcade style games. We have everything from Air Hockey and Fooseball to Darts and Billiards. Perfect for any indoor party. Turn your party room into a literal arcade. We even have an arcade sized skeeball machine! Check out all of our arcade style gaming options HERE. Overall, we hope that you now see that the winter is no excuse to let your party mood get dampened. With all the options we offer, you can party all year round! 

When planning fun activities for children bouncehouses always seem to end up at the top of the list. The ever present questions is, do I rent or purchase a bouncer? Renting can has the benefit of not having to store or maintain the bouncer.  Renting also offers larger bouncers and more options for your fun. Purchasing a bouncer give you the peace of mind knowing that you are in control of the product you are going to use. Check out the list of pros and cons below and make the decision for yourself! 

Pros & Cons of Renting a Bouncer


  • Less Stress: A Bouncer rental company will come and setup the bouncer and in some cases leave a safety operator so you don't have to worry about watching the kids.
  • Commercial Grade: Rental Bouncers are all commercial grade vinyl which means they are larger and offer much more space for bouncing.
  • Insurance: Many homeowners insurance policies do not cover injuries on the property. A commercial bouncer company is required to carry insurance for up to 1 million dollars.


  • Size: Sometimes  commercial bouncers are too tall to fit into back yards. The average size is 15ft by 15ft by 15ft.
  • Cost: Commercial bouncers can cost more than the ones you can purchase at sam's club or walmart.
  • Scheduling: On busier weekends such as holidays, bouncer rental companies are extremely busy and may not have one available.

Pros & Cons of Buying a Bouncer


  • Less Space: Bouncers available for purchase are much smaller than the commercial ones. This means less item to put in storage
  • Less to Clean: Bouncers for purchase are smaller yet offer much less surface area to clean. This means you can keep it cleaner for longer.
  • Cost: Smaller bouncers can be purchased for as little as $200.00 but remember what you are saving in money, you are giving up in durability and sustainability.


  • Less Safety: Many bouncers available for purchase are less safe than commercial bouncers. Some do not even have tie downs available to anchor the bouncer to the ground.
  • Smaller Bouncing Area: Bouncers for purchase have a smaller bouncing area meaning less kids can bounce and more kids to manage in line.
  • No Warranty: Most bouncers for purchase come with a limited warranty that covers damage when first opened only.

The Choice is Yours but we Suggest you just call us.

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