Congrats Cleveland!

Congratulations Cleveland for getting into the World Series 2016!. This year has been a big year for Cleveland with the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA Championship and all of the recent urban rehabilitation projects in the downtown area.  Why not celebrate with throwing your own World Series Party. Check out the following items which we feel would make any World Series Party an event to remember regardless of what team you are rooting for. 

Speed Pitch

Celebrate the World Series 2016 with seeing how fast you and your friends can pitch a baseball. See if you can pitch better than Corey Kluber with this premium inflatable rental. So grab a ball, step up to the mound, and let it fly!

Inflatable Tee Ball

Batter's up! We don't know who will win the World Series yet but you can find out if you are a championship batter.  Grab a bat and see how far you can hit the ball.  Don't worry with a guided backdrop the ball comes back every time!

Bungee Sports Challenge

Okay so this one is not baseball themed but it offers the best of football and basketball all in one inflatable.  Shoot baskets or score a touchdown with the Bungee Sports Challenge. Oh!, did we mention you have to pull against your opponent while attached to a springy bungee cord. So take the challenge today!

The Multisport

Why limit your sporting options? Grab the multisport inflatable game and play basketball, baseball, soccer, frisbee and more. This is truly the best inflatable for any sports themed party.

Good Luck Cleveland Indians!

Call & Plan Your World Series 2016 Party with Executive Events & Entertainment.

Ever wonder what the craziest bouncehouses ever made were? Well, OK, we realize that tons of loony and strange looking bouncehouses have been made over the years but this article will cover our top 5 from 2016. So without further ado' here are the strangest bouncehouses we found this year. The year is not over yet so we may find more and we will keep you updated with any new and wacky inflates we come across.

5. The Irish Pub Bouncer

Ever want the cozy intimate feel of a small neighborhood pub in your local..... a..... soccer field? There's a bouncer for that! Feast your eyes on the Irish Pub Bouncer. Complete with a faux fireplace. By far this is not the strangest bouncer we've found but if you enjoy beer and like to bounce off the walls.....literally! then this is the bouncer for you.

4.  A Bounce House....Literally

Here we have a house made out of......well..... a bouncy house.  This group funded project in southern California sought to alleviate the problem of homelessness by providing affordable and portable housing. You wont get into trouble for jumping on the beds in this house!

3. Inflatable Colon

Talk a walk through your colon! This inflatable was made for a hospital system in Ohio. The goal was to give kids an inside view of the human colon. Participants walk through a large inflatable tube meant to simulate the environment of the large intestine. Unfortunately there are no inside shots but who really wants to see where all their poo passes?

2. Dog Poop Slide

There is nothing better than an inflatable Giant Slide but here we see some definite design flaws. Kids enter the slide through the front which is the mouth of the dog. They exit....well....through the butt. Kids beware! the neighborhood dogs will certainly be interested in how you smell after riding this weird inflatable.

1. Pigs in the Poke

This one may not be as outrageous as the colon or the poop slide but it certainly takes the top spot due to just outright strangeness. A burning question arises when looking at this photos; What the heck are the kids doing? What is the point of this bouncer? Are all the kids eating trough style out of side of an inflatable pig? We may never know.  All we do know is that this is hands down the strangest inflatable we have ever seen!
We hope you enjoyed the list. If you are looking for a good old fashioned fun bouncer, slide, or obstacle rental. Look no  further. We have them here and with no dog butts! Call and book today (440)-271-1081.

How is a Bouncy House Made?

Ever wonder how a bounce house is made? Look no further! We will tell you everything you need to know about making bounce houses. Bouncehouses, obstacle courses, and giant slides. They key is choosing high quality materials to ensure a high quality end result.

What is high quality vinyl?

When choosing an inflatable to buy or rent, be sure to ensure that the inflatable is made from phthalate free 18 oz Vinyl PVC. This ensures that your inflatable was not manufactured using any nasty chemicals and that it is heavy duty enough to handle big kid bouncers (adults). Here at 3E we always purchase inflatables made of high quality vinyl to ensure durability and that the customer gets the best quality of inflatable available on the market.

Sewing Up Seams

Before any inflatable is produced, a 3D model is made using computerized imaging software that allows the designer to see what the inflatable will look like before it is sewn together. The software also tells the designer what the physical constraints are (i.e.  how tall the inflatable can be and still stay inflated etc.).  The next stage involves cutting the vinyl pieces. The average bouncehouse has over 50 separate pieces of vinyl. Once the pieces are cut they head over to the sewing machines where they are sewn together using high gauge coated vinyl thread.  Once the pieces are sewn together, the inflatable is inflated and tested to ensure there are no leaks.  Now the inflatable is ready for FUN!

Check out the video below to see how inflatables are made!

Video brought to you by the Discovery Channel!

A big part of what we do at Executive Events & Entertainment is consumer advocacy. In essence we review the party packages being offered by our competitors and ensure that the deals you, the customer, are receiving are up to snuff. In other words if you find a deal at a bouncer company we cant beat than it might be too good to be true. This week we found such an instance being offered by a photobooth rental company in Solon.

Bait & Switch

      We received a call from a client (who will remain nameless) regarding a groupon being offered for a 3 hour photobooth rental for only $295.00. Seems like a great deal right? Think again! Upon further investigation we discovered that this deal is certainly too good to be true. When attempting to redeem the groupon for a photobooth rental we discerned that this company was indeed offering a photo station (open air photo taking equipment) not a photobooth! Further, delivery, staff, and props were all at an extra cost.

Price Breakdown

So, let's compare their package with the one offered here at Executive Events & Entertainment. For sake of ease lets say it is a 3 hour event and you want some funky props and an attendant with the booth. What would the cost be?

Photobooth Rental from Us

What's Included:
Completely Private Booth
Automated Printing
A Box of Funk Props.
Customized Logo
Social Media Uploads.
USB drive with all the photos.
3 Hour Rental

 Total Cost: $495.00

Delivery: Free within 15 miles!

Groupon Competitor

What's Included:
Open Air Photo Station
Automated Printing
A Box of Funky Props
Customized Logo
3 Hour Rental
NO Social Media Options
NO USB Drive with photos

Total Cost: $695.00

Delivery: $50-$100

So it would seem that when the numbers are added up our photobooth rental beats them all. So, whereas we are sure that groupon itself offers great deals; dont be fooled by the bait and switch technique. Some companies will put up any price that will get you to call.
Have you ever wondered how sno cones are made? Well you are in luck! This article covers how to make the perfect sno cone. Upon reading this you will be able to beat the heat with a delicious sno cone.

Step 1: Rent a Sno Cone Machine

There are two options when it comes to sno cone machines, you can either buy one or rent one. We personally recommend renting one but if you are dead set on owning your own high quality sno cone machine they can be found HERE. But!, if you want a hassle free sno cone machine (one you don't have to clean yourself *wink wink*), you can rent one form Executive Events and Entertainment. Click Here to Rent a Sno Cone Machine. Once you have your sno cone machine ready its time to add some ice and get your sno cone cups ready!

Step 2: Grind the Ice

Lift the handle on the top of your sno cone machine. scoop ice into the chute until it is full. Push the red button on the machine while simultaneously pushing, with even pressure, the chute lid back down. Be sure to keep your fingers and ice scoop out of the ice chute. Once the chute lid is all the way back down all of your ice has been ground and the chute is ready for a new scoop of ice. Be sure to fill the machine with at least five scoops worth of ice shavings before trying to make a sno cone. The more ice shavings in the machine, the colder the machine will be thus the longer the ice shavings will last. 

Step 3: Make the Perfect Sno Cone!

Your sno cone should have (whether you rented one or bought one) a scoop with a long handle that kind of looks like a soup ladle. First, take the aforementioned ladle looking device and scoop some ice shavings into the bottom of your cone shaped . If you are not using cone shaped cups then it is not really a sno cone is it? We might cover that next week. Once you have a good base of shavings in your sno cone cup it is time to form the dome and by its own right the most signature part of a sno cone! Take a scoop of ice shavings and flip the ladle device full of ice shavings onto your sno cone cup. before removing the ladle be sure to twist it while gently pressing down. This is what forms the dome of the sno cone. Then just add some flavored syrup and ENJOY!


Summer Parties
Summer is here and that means it's time to party! From Backyard BBQs to Summertime Birthday Parties, we have the rental items to make your party amazing and more importantly FUN!  Over the years we have waded through the steamy mugginess that is summer to find the best items to beat the heat with. Below is  a few of those items. So if you are looking to cool off this summer and have a little fun at the same time, give Executive Events & Entertainment a call.

Dunk Tank Rentals

Ready.......Set........DUNK! Our Dunk Tank Rental offers all the fun of the classic carnival game with some added safety. Our Dunk Dunk features a red and white striped safety fencing to keep a safe distance between the tank and the thrower.  Check out the video below to see the Longest Dunk Tank Throw in the World made by Gatorade. Our Dunk Tank is the same design featured in the video without all of the Gatorade of course!

Looking for a way to keep cool without causing your water bill to go through the roof? Look no further than our Deluxe Slip N Slide Rental. Our Slip N Slides consume only a fraction of the water that a Dunk Tank Uses.  We offer two sizes, a smaller one for smaller children (not featured) and a larger, deluxe unit made for big kids and adults (Featured to the left). 

Looking for a Smaller Splash?

The Hydroblaster is a great way to keep cool without taking up a lot of space. An added benefit is the competitive nature of the game. up to four participants race to fill a balloon that hangs over each participants heads. First one to get their opponent wet wins!

CLICK HERE to order any of the items seen in this article!

Hello Everyone! Executive Events & Entertainment is gearing up for another summer season. As the season starts we are busy cleaning up our inflatables so we can bring you, the customer,  the cleanest, safest product around. Check out the following blog article for information about how we clean our inflates. Be sure to view our homepage for the latest deals from 3E.

Scrub a dub dub!

You may have asked yourself, (if you haven't you most certainly should have!), "is the bouncer im renting clean?" If you rented your bouncehouse from Executive Events & Entertainment you can rest assured that that bouncer has been cleaned rigorously!  Our inflatables are cleaned and disinfected by hand after every rental.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process is simple. First we start cleaning our bouncer rentals by blowing the bouncehouse up. Once the bouncehouse is inflated we attack the dirt with mild dish-washing liquid soap and water. Each inflatable is scrubbed inside and out. Once the initial cleaning phase is done we move on to the disinfection stage. 

Viral Destruction!

Once the initial cleaning stage is done our bouncers are disinfected using Spray Nine spray cleaner. Spray Nine kills 99% of infectious bacteria and viruses including Ebola!  Once the bouncer has been disinfected it is secured in a storage bag and  placed on the shelf ready for the next party rental!  


So you may be asking, "why so much guff about having a clean bouncer?" Everyone, from little ones up to adults want to have fun in a safe environment. Here at 3E, we ensure your bouncing environment is clean and ready to go! In essence, we offer worry free fun for your party goers. Even if you choose another Cleveland Bouncehouse company; be sure to demand a clean and safe bouncer! Or you can contact us! 

There are tons of activities to do in the snow from tic tac toe to  making a snowman. Here at 3E our games are not just for the summer time. Check out the following products which are perfect for indoor and outdoor winter fun. Call and book today and ask about our Winter Deals!

The Photobooth

Say Cheese! Our custom photobooth captures lasting memories. Fully touchscreen operated and themed to your event.  Customize the photostrip with your colors, logo, or both. Now offering multiple effects including Comic Strip & Pop Art. The fun never ends with our awesome photobooth. Perfect for private and public events.

The Gameshow

Test your trivia knowledge with our custom trivia show. Have two teams face off in Family Feud, Jeopardy, or Simple Trivia. That is not all, ask for our complete list of gameshow games. Spend hours of fun with your friends facing and and seeing who can master all of our gameshow games. Call and book today!
We have changed up our gaming at Executive Events & Entertainment. All of our carnival games are now broken up into 3 distinct categories, Economy, Standard, and Premium. This is not to forget out awesome Arcade Games as well. Check out the selection below and see how you can build the most impressive yet cost efficient carnival around!

Economy Games

Our Economy Carnival Games will give you all the classic carnival fun without breaking the bank. Browse our list of economy carnival games and rest assured that Economy does NOT mean subpar in terms of quality.

Standard Games

Classic & Modern carnival games. Create your own midway with these time tested games. These games are best for giving your party a classic carnival look and feel. You can even mix and match your games! 

Premium Games

Our Premium Carnival Games are fun, unique, and sure to make SMILES! These are games you have not seen anywhere else! These games are unique and have been proven to always be a crowd pleaser.
Dont let the cold weather ruin your outdoor fun. Here in the laboratories of 3E we have come up with an awesome outdoor winter time game and best of all it is an old favorite......Laser Tag. With our inflatable barriers and completely portable guns you can have laser tag fun anywhere at any time.. Check our laser tag page for full details and start a wintertime war with your friends and family.

Looking for Indoor Fun?

Look no further we also have a variety of Arcade games which will easily fit into most indoor locations. Challenge your friends to some electronic darts or host a pool/air hockey tournament. The options are limitless so check it out today and start building your indoor arcade.