Everyone loves the mechanical bull. Whether you are watching or riding, the bull will give you an experience you will not forget. Did you know that there are different versions of the mechanical bull ride? You can now catch some waves with our mechanical surfboard. So whether you are throwing a western or tropical themed these rides will fit your theme not matter what.

The Mechanical Bull

Yeehaw partners! Saddle up and take on the mechanical bull. With multiple difficulty settings and a realistic looking bull you will have hours of fun trying to see who can last the longest. The best part of it all is that the bull can go indoors or out. We even offer a tent to put over the inflatable so not even inclement weather can wreck your bull riding experience. So call today and see if you can tame the bull!

The Mechanical Surfboard

Looking for something a little less intense than the bull? Look no further then our mechanical surfboard. Perfect for all ages, this ride can be used by adults and toddlers alike. The surfboard can be either tropical or snow themed. Meaning you can either ride the waves and cut through the snow on this awesome inflatable. Just let us know your theme and we will customize the ride for your party. The surfboard is also smaller than the mechanical bull so it is more versatile in terms of spacing.

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Looking to Purchase? We sell them too!

Great news! We are excited to announce that we are starting up our Sunday Special What is a Sunday Special you may ask? Well, starting in September and running through the end of October we are offering some awesome Sunday party packages. Check out the list below for our Sunday Special and see what kind of fun we can bring to your fall-time gathering.

Sunday Specials

Bouncer Package

Package Includes:
  • Standard Bouncer Rental
  • Popcorn or Cotton Candy Machine
  • 50 Servings of popcorn or cotton candy

Only $250.00

Obstacle Package

Package Includes:

 Only $275.00

Offers valid Only on Sundays in September & October

Summer may be winding down but that does not mean the party has to to stop. Here at 3E we try to provide items that keep the party going well into the winter months. This article highlights a few of those items and how they can bring a little pizzazz to your next party or event. So if your birthday is in the winter months do not worry we have plenty of awesome party items to bring.


Put on a big smile and Say Cheese! Our custom photobooth captures lasting memories of your party. Fully touchscreen operated and themed to your event.  Customize the photostrip with your colors, logo, or both. Now offering multiple effects including Comic Strip & Pop Art. Check out the gallery below to see the various effects our photobooth system offers. We are currently offering the most advanced and easy to use photobooth software available.

Arcade Games

Recreate a classic arcade at your party with our awesome arcade style games. We have everything from Air Hockey and Fooseball to Darts and Billiards. Perfect for any indoor party. Turn your party room into a literal arcade. We even have an arcade sized skeeball machine! Check out all of our arcade style gaming options HERE. Overall, we hope that you now see that the winter is no excuse to let your party mood get dampened. With all the options we offer, you can party all year round! 

When planning fun activities for children bouncehouses always seem to end up at the top of the list. The ever present questions is, do I rent or purchase a bouncer? Renting can has the benefit of not having to store or maintain the bouncer.  Renting also offers larger bouncers and more options for your fun. Purchasing a bouncer give you the peace of mind knowing that you are in control of the product you are going to use. Check out the list of pros and cons below and make the decision for yourself! 

Pros & Cons of Renting a Bouncer


  • Less Stress: A Bouncer rental company will come and setup the bouncer and in some cases leave a safety operator so you don't have to worry about watching the kids.
  • Commercial Grade: Rental Bouncers are all commercial grade vinyl which means they are larger and offer much more space for bouncing.
  • Insurance: Many homeowners insurance policies do not cover injuries on the property. A commercial bouncer company is required to carry insurance for up to 1 million dollars.


  • Size: Sometimes  commercial bouncers are too tall to fit into back yards. The average size is 15ft by 15ft by 15ft.
  • Cost: Commercial bouncers can cost more than the ones you can purchase at sam's club or walmart.
  • Scheduling: On busier weekends such as holidays, bouncer rental companies are extremely busy and may not have one available.

Pros & Cons of Buying a Bouncer


  • Less Space: Bouncers available for purchase are much smaller than the commercial ones. This means less item to put in storage
  • Less to Clean: Bouncers for purchase are smaller yet offer much less surface area to clean. This means you can keep it cleaner for longer.
  • Cost: Smaller bouncers can be purchased for as little as $200.00 but remember what you are saving in money, you are giving up in durability and sustainability.


  • Less Safety: Many bouncers available for purchase are less safe than commercial bouncers. Some do not even have tie downs available to anchor the bouncer to the ground.
  • Smaller Bouncing Area: Bouncers for purchase have a smaller bouncing area meaning less kids can bounce and more kids to manage in line.
  • No Warranty: Most bouncers for purchase come with a limited warranty that covers damage when first opened only.

The Choice is Yours but we Suggest you just call us.

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    Recently we have come across a few apps that we find can be super helpful in planning any party. Planning a party can be difficult and with all the factors to consider from food to entertainment it would be nice to have something that organizes all that information for you. Good news, here at Executive Events & Entertainment, we sent our cronies out onto the web and found some awesome party planning apps. Check out the following apps and who knows, perhaps one will help you plan your next party or event. Also, all these apps can be found in the Android and Apple App stores. 

Pro Party Planner

Perhaps one of the more complete party planner apps; Party Planner Pro will allow you to enter in all the details from the amount of guests to the floor space of the room you are throwing the party in. This app will calculate how much food you will need and will even offer suggestions on how you can save money in different areas of the party like food and venue selection. Party Planner Pro even has a holiday section which will help you plan gift giving, thanksgiving dinner, and new years intoxicant acquisition.  Check out the video below.


It is nearly impossible to have busy people step up and help, get your party started even if they’re your friends. The PitchIn app makes it easy to split up and delegate tasks.  You’re notified when someone accepts a task and also when the task is completed. If you’re planning an event for which you aren’t footing the bill, PitchIn will send automatic payment reminders to guests! This app really makes setting up your own party fast, easy, and a little less stressful.
For the sake of ease we will stop our list of party planning apps there. We urge you to check out all of the available apps on your app purchasing platform. Who knows, perhaps there will be a party planning app from 3E in the future. In any sense, having an electronic application that helps keeps all your party information in one place is a priceless tool. Watch the videos and see how these apps can alleviate some stress when you plan your next party or event. Or, you can give us a call and we will bring the party to you with some of our awesome Bouncers, Carnival Games, Photobooths, or Mechanical Bull Rental
Planning a party for kids can be tough. Children nowadays are not satisfied with a simple party laden with cake and presents, they want something more. They want themes!  Planning a themed party is not easy. You have to consider the likes and dislikes of the party attendees. You want to choose a theme that will be inviting to all the kids at the party not just a select few. Planned appropriately, a themed party can transport your guests into an entirely different world full of wonderment! How do you achieve this effect? Follow our Checklist to planning an awesome themed party.

Themed Party Checklist

  • The Theme: Choose a theme that best fits the crowd attending the party.
  • Simplicity: Keep the theme simple. No one should have to ask what the theme of your party is.
  • Props: Props are very important. They can set the tone for your party and are the main component that conveys your theme to the guests. Incorporate props where you can. A few good places to place props are the food tables, dining tables, corners of the party room, party room entrance, and on the stage (if one is available.) Props can be anything from furniture to unique serving dishes.
  • Party Favors: Nothing helps bolster a theme more than party favors. Party favors can be anything from candy & toys to gadgets & literature.
  • Maintain the Theme: This is perhaps the most important part of planning a themed party. Keep the theme consistent across all areas of the party from the party favors & fun activities (like Themed Bouncer Rentals like those featured above) all the way down to the food.


Is the magnitude of your party overwhelming your attempts at planning? Do not worry there is help. There are three kinds of rental companies.services all of which have different ways of planning parties and charging for their services. Check out the list below to see the advantages and disadvantages of the different rental companies.
  • Party Rental Companies: These are companies which offer various fun activities and party supplies. The fun activities usually include carnival games, inflatables, and digital gaming. You have to be careful which party rental company you choose. Many of them are just rental companies which offer a list of items which they will drop off at your party and that is it. They key to using a party rental company is to find one that provides free party planning services. Places like Executive Events & Entertainment (shameless promotion) will take your event details/needs and discuss what they can do to achieve the level of "party"  you want. The most important and perhaps most pertinent point worth mention is that party rental companies own the equipment they are bringing to you. This means that they can keep the cost to you very low.
  • Party Planning Companies: Party planners are in a category all their own. They can be the most stress free way of throwing a party because they will try and take care of as much of the details as possible for you. They will book entertainment, foods, and party props. Some party planners will even help decorate for the party! The advantage to a party planner is that they have exposure to a multitude of themes so their expertise can help you expand on yours. The major disadvantage to using a party planner is the cost. Many party planning services do not own the items they offer. Instead they use a network of companies which provide the items to the planner or deliver them directly to the party. This translates into more cost for you. Since the planner is being charged by the party rental company, the planner has to inflate their prices slightly in order to turn a profit off of the party. While you cannot blame the party planner for this (this is just how the industry works, not everyone has space to store a bunch of props and bouncehouses) it does end up raising the cost of your party.   

Ultimately, The Choice is Yours!

Every so often we find it necessary to feature one of our products that has been seeing a lot of play recently. This week we are featuring our Tiki Bar Facade. Turn any 8 or 10 foot table into a tropical tiki hut. Our hut is complete with bamboo poles, grass skirting, and an awesome cabana roof. This is not all, we offer a whole host of tropical related props which will turn any ordinary event into a tropical fun fest that everyone will remember. Call today and see what kind of props we can bring to your next beach or tropical themed party.

Cleveland Photobooth Rental
No party is complete without a photographic memento for the guests to take home. The question arises, what kind of photo gift will you offer? There are two main kinds of Photobooths; the Photobooth and the Photo Station. You may be asking, "what's the difference?". Check out the following article for the pros and cons of both types of photo gifts and how you can use them to generate more buzz about your party.

The Photobooth

    A Photobooth is a self standing machine that usually has a privacy curtain.  The first commercial photobooth was made by Anatol Josepho in New York City. For 25 cents a citizen in 1920s New York can enter Josepho's private booth and take quality photos on an 8 x 8 strip. The photo developed and printed right inside the booth. Josepho's design was later replaced by the 900lb behemoth from the Auto-Photo company. Since Josepho Photobooths have gained in popularity and can now be seen at many weddings, bar mitzvahs and other celebratory events across the world.  


  • Privacy
  • Simple User Interface
  • time tested methods of printing
  • Uses an actual camera


  • Small camera frame
  • prints only in strips
  • Bulky & Heavy (up to 900lbs)
  • Cannot be used Outdoors!
  • Print time is up to 2 minutes

The Photo Station

Recent developments in computer technology have allowed for vast leaps in the area of photobooth technology. We no longer can simply refer to them as just booths. Now there are many more options when taking a photo that it would be more accurate to refer to them as Photo Stations. A standard photobooth now consists of a collapsible, lightweight, and completely private booth made from either pipe and drapes or a small custom made tent. The real camera has been replaced by a webcam and HD printer. Another added feature is the use of a computer interface that changes the effect on the photo. There are many more options now than just plain color or black & white. For a few extra bucks you can even have a green screen where you can put your own background in the photo. Have your guests taking their pictures in front of the eiffel tower or standing at the feet of the great sphinx.


  • Lightweight (200lbs total)
  • Full HD Camera
  • Simple User Interface
  • Quick Printing (about 15 seconds)
  • Multiple Effects: Pop Art, Sepia, Color, Etc..
  • Customizable Background


  • More Setup Required
  • Requires more cording
  • Requires more electricity to operate
  • Printer and Booth are Separate Units.

Our Photobooth

Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we incorporate the best of both worlds. We use the Photobooth style leaving all the privacy the customer requires with the photo station which allows for multiple photo effects and custom backgrounds. We use this setup because it keeps printing times quick and it give the photobooth user all the options available. We even have social media uploads so you can share your photos on your favorite social media engine directly from the booth! We even include a whole box of wacky props for your guests to enjoy. So if you are looking for a Photobooth Rental in Cleveland. Look No Further! Call Executive Events & Entertainment and get the best booth around.

awesome party rentals
We are proud to introduce a new item that has been taking the party rental scene by storm, the Hydroblaster! This versatile game will have your party guests competing for hours. The object is to, using the pump, pump up the balloon over your opponent's head until it pops. First one to soak their rival wins! This is a perfect summertime game that will fit into any backyard r party space.

You may be asking, what if I want to use it indoors? Do I still have to hookup to water? While having the balloons fill with water and pop all over the opposing team, this game does have a dry option. You can fill the balloons with anything from confetti to glitter. The game works the same whether hooked up to water or not! This means you can take this game virtually anywhere.

Eiffel Tower Gay Games 9
We are excited to announce that we will be bringing a little bit of Paris to downtown Cleveland. We have been in contact with the directors of Gay Games 9, a large multi-day series of events. The Games Kick off on August 6th and runs through August 17th. The events range from comedy shows and athletic events to drag bingo and a variety of plays.  We are scheduled to deliver our 9ft Eiffel Tower replica (See Left). So if you are in Cleveland in August check out the Gay Games & our awesome Eiffel Tower!