It would seem that Bouncehouses are once again circulating in the news media. This story comes from October but it has been re-posted several times with updates on the condition of those injured. In Nashua New Hampshire on October 13th two children were injured as the bouncehouse on Sullivan Farm lifted off of the ground and over a ten foot fence. Although the injuries are minor that farm is still claiming that the bouncer was not open to the public at the time of the incident and that was why is had not been inspected or licensed yet. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we take this story to heart and would like to outline several issues that could help bring some clarity to the situation.

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Dusting Off the Truth

  • it is now a requirement in New Hampshire for all bouncers to be licensed and inspected by the state fire marshal. The Bouncer at Sullivan Farm was not. The management of the farm claim that the inspection was "pending" but let us tell you that the bouncer company should be responsible for the licensing, not the customer! We have all of our inflatable amusements inspected sometimes up to 3 times a year and if it does not have a license, it does not get rented.
  • The Bouncer company should have informed the farm on the safe operating limits of the bouncer. Meaning, everyone involved should know what the maximum wind speed that the bouncer can handle. Bouncehouses should not operate in winds exceeding 25 m.p.h. no matter where you are.
  • Accountability is essential here, by blaming the customer (the farm) we are alleviating the responsibility of the bouncer rental company of ensuring a safe and operational product goes out to their customers. So share the accountability, the bouncer company is just as much to blame if not more for the bouncer incident at Sullivan Farm. Interestingly enough the name of the bouncer rental company is not mentioned in any news source.
Recently we brought out the Family Feud and rocked the Direct Marketing Solutions holiday party at Kate's Bar and Grill in Wiickliffe, OH. Members of the DMS team got to face off in our awesome family feud style game complete with podiums and team booths. You too can join the fun and have our feud style game at your holiday celebrations. We offer multiple packages and we are sure to have one that will fit your budget. So celebrate the holidays by gaining to bragging rights over your family and bring to the feud to your house!

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Basic Package.................$550.00

Basic Package includes: 
  • Game Software with your custom questions pre-loaded.
  • Technician to run the games from behind the scenes.
  • Printed question cards for your host.

Deluxe Package..........$1590.00

Deluxe Package Includes:
  • Game Screen with Stand (large TV Screen)
  • Game Software with Custom Questions
  • Face Off Podium with Buzzers
  • Team/ Family Stations (2)
  • Fender PA System with Microphone
  • Gameshow Hosting Services
Whether you call them parlor or arcade games we have the games that will make your holiday celebrations a blast. Why not challenge your family to some air hockey or see who can be the most proficient surgeon in our Life Sized Operation. You could also hold a dart throwing tournament, the possibilities are endless. Call today or click on the link below to add some carnival gaming fun to your celebrations this year. Be sure to check out the slideshow below to see all of our awesome gaming options.

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Do you throw a big Christmas party every year or are you responsible for planning the company celebration? Looking to get Santa to make a guest appearance? Look no further we have a direct line to the big guy himself. Bring a little magic to your party and the biggest celebrity of all time stop by. We can even provide him with gifts to give away to the kids. Call and make your reservation now, Santa can only take so many bookings before he has to zip off and delivery everyone's gifts! 

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While shopping for your Cyber Monday Deals remember that you can reserve one of our awesome bouncers or obstacle courses for next spring or summer. If you have an indoor venue why wait? Call or email today and start yourself on the path to some inflatable fun. Bouncers not your thing? Don't Worry! we have plenty of non inflatable options. Try one of our life sized games, carnival games, or funfoods. Whatever party favor you are looking for we have got it! Call and Book today!

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Whether you are frying or oven baking your turkey this thanksgiving, you will certainly have a little downtime with the family over the next week. Why not celebrate with some engaging games or battle it out with your family in our feud style interactive video game. We offer a range of exciting games that are perfect for small family settings and best of all, everyone gets to have fun. Check out the slideshow below and click the button if you are interested in seeing one of these awesome games at your next family get together.  

Summer may be over but that does not mean that the fun is. The holidays are fast approaching and shopping will soon take place. How about avoiding the crowds this year and buy the perfect gift, a bouncer rental or a custom life sized game. Call today, and with your purchase or reservation, you will receive a special certificate you can give out as a gift during the holidays. It does not stop there you can put a reservation on any of our equipment as part of your gift to someone special. What's even more amazing is that if you do not want to wait for nicer weather and you have a a large garage, we now offer low profile bouncers which fit easily into most indoor areas. Call today and get your rental certificate today!  

Why not a Life Sized Game?

Looking for something a little more permanent than a bouncer rental certificate? Why not grab your own life sized game. We offer everything from Operation to Jenga. These are high quality, handmade games, so if you would like to give someone special a gift that shows love, dedication, and craftsmanship look not further than here. Call today and let us show you all the options available for our life sized games. You can even customize your game with your logo and a personal message.

    Looking for something larger than life for your next part or event? We definitely have what you need! We have an extensive list over sized or life sized games. Our list includes all the favorites from Operation to Checkers and Connect Four. Check out the slideshow below for all of our larger than life game options. Remember, it may be cold outside but all of our over sized games will easily fit into any indoor space from your living room to the local community recreation center. Call and Book Today!


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Humans made major history this week! As of 11/13/2014 we can say that we have officially landed on a comet! The European Space Agency has worked diligently for the past year building a landing craft (Philae) to land on the comet entitled 67P/C-G. The major question remains, what exciting new things can we learn from the Rosetta Comet! Time will tell. Although you cannot visit the comet personally you can still get all the low gravity fun with one of our awesome Bouncers! Check out the link below and reserve your bouncer today! We even have smaller units that will go indoors no problem!

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Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect popcorn? How to get the right balance of buttery and salty flavors. Ever notice how the smell of popcorn can draw people in? Well look no further. We have the answers you require. Check out the guide below for how to pop the perfect batch of popcorn (using a popcorn machine). Call us today and grab popcorn machine rental for your next party or event.

Popcorn Guide

  1. Rent a Popcorn Machine or purchase one but remember a quality popcorn machine can cost up to $500.00
  2. Turn the machine on (make sure all switches are in the "on" position.
  3. Wait 5 minutes for the kettle to reach operating temperature.
  4. Add oil, seed, and flavoring to the kettle and close the lid. We suggest using the prepackaged popcorn popping packs (made by Naks) but if you want to use bulk seed and oil be sure to used 1 cup of oil for every 2/3 cup of seed.
  5. Close the lid to the kettle and wait for the magic to happen.
  6. Once it starts popping wait until there is a 2-3 second gap between popping sounds, that will be your indicator that your batch is done.
  7. Grab the kettle handle (only the knob, the rest of the handle may be very hot) and dump the contents of the kettle into the machine.
  8. Enjoy your hot and fresh popcorn.

Seem a little intimidating? Don't worry, call us today and we will give you a training session when we drop off your popcorn machine rental.
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