Looking for something larger than life for your next part or event? We definitely have what you need! We have an extensive list over sized or life sized games. Our list includes all the favorites from Operation to Checkers and Connect Four. Check out the slideshow below for all of our larger than life game options. Remember, it may be cold outside but all of our over sized games will easily fit into any indoor space from your living room to the local community recreation center. Call and Book Today!


Good News! We are now selling our life sized games. Call and order your custom Jenga or Operation game today!

Humans made major history this week! As of 11/13/2014 we can say that we have officially landed on a comet! The European Space Agency has worked diligently for the past year building a landing craft (Philae) to land on the comet entitled 67P/C-G. The major question remains, what exciting new things can we learn from the Rosetta Comet! Time will tell. Although you cannot visit the comet personally you can still get all the low gravity fun with one of our awesome Bouncers! Check out the link below and reserve your bouncer today! We even have smaller units that will go indoors no problem!

Grab Your Low Gravity Bouncer Fun HERE

Looking for More?

We also have a whole range of carnival games, including alien themed games, rent today and beat back the
Alien Invasion!

Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect popcorn? How to get the right balance of buttery and salty flavors. Ever notice how the smell of popcorn can draw people in? Well look no further. We have the answers you require. Check out the guide below for how to pop the perfect batch of popcorn (using a popcorn machine). Call us today and grab popcorn machine rental for your next party or event.

Popcorn Guide

  1. Rent a Popcorn Machine or purchase one but remember a quality popcorn machine can cost up to $500.00
  2. Turn the machine on (make sure all switches are in the "on" position.
  3. Wait 5 minutes for the kettle to reach operating temperature.
  4. Add oil, seed, and flavoring to the kettle and close the lid. We suggest using the prepackaged popcorn popping packs (made by Naks) but if you want to use bulk seed and oil be sure to used 1 cup of oil for every 2/3 cup of seed.
  5. Close the lid to the kettle and wait for the magic to happen.
  6. Once it starts popping wait until there is a 2-3 second gap between popping sounds, that will be your indicator that your batch is done.
  7. Grab the kettle handle (only the knob, the rest of the handle may be very hot) and dump the contents of the kettle into the machine.
  8. Enjoy your hot and fresh popcorn.

Seem a little intimidating? Don't worry, call us today and we will give you a training session when we drop off your popcorn machine rental.
A Local Painesville Company


Fall is here and you may be thinking, "Id like a bouncer at my party but it is too cold outside". Don't Worry! We have got you covered. With our new low profile bouncehouse you can have a bouncer in your on living room! This new bouncer stands a total of 9 feet tall and is 12 feet by 12 feet (length and width) so this bouncer fits easily into most indoor gyms, living rooms, and garages. So why limit your bouncing fun to only the spring and summertime? Call today and extend the bouncer rental fun all year round!

Book one today for only $240.00

Or Perhaps a Photobooth is More Your Style

  Whether your party won or lost during this year's midterm elections; we would like to show you some of the monumental milestones that have been achieved as a result of the elections. Elections can be an emotional issue so it is important at times to be reminded of the silver lining that comes along with any situation. Check out the following article to see some of the historic moments from this midterm election! Remember, if the election results bum you out too much, you can always grab a Bouncer or Photobooth Rental to make yourself feel better. 

First African American Senator

South Carolina made history this year by electing the first African American senator in the south since the post civil war reconstruction. This is a bit of a misnomer. Technically Tim Scott has been senator for South Carolina since 2013 when he was named to fill the seat left vacant by Jim DeMint. What is important to remember is that Scott ran for re-election this year and won. So congratulations Mr. Scott!
Tim Scott

More Women than Ever!

This election saw the most women elected into public office ever! The number are not out yet but women swept the vote and established a voice in congress. Although it is now a Republican congress there are more women represented than there has ever been before in the United States. Oddly enough this comes at a time when reproductive laws are tightening and the rights set up by the women's suffrage movement are threatened.  

Youngest Women Elected

This year saw the election of the youngest women (to date) to congress. Elise Stefanik was elected to congress as a representative from the state of New York. When asked to comment on her victor Stefanik states, "I was hoping that my youth would act as a boon to draw in the younger voters." Stefanik was just one of the many republicans that swept the congressional election this year. It will certainly be interested to see which direction this new congress heads in.  

Keep Heart, if you side didn't win perhaps an awesome Bouncehouse Rental will make you feel better : )

Hello Everyone,
  We wanted to take an opportunity to let you know that we will be participating in an exciting event this weekend, Partypalooza. This event is an annual trade show where all the best party planners of northeast Ohio get together and show the public the high quality services they offered. We will be attending to show off all the awesome inflatables we acquired this year as well as some old favorites. Be sure to check it out and swing by Partypalooza this coming weekend. We hope to see you there. Oh, and as always if you see something at the show that you would like to see at your next party or event fell free to come up to one of our representatives, we will be scheduling events all day!
The 3E Team

Looking for Information on Partypalooza?

Click HERE for info & registration form.

it is that time of year again. Time to pull the inflatable decorations out of the garage or attic and adorn your lawn with some holiday spirit. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we love anything inflatable. Normally we offer bouncer, obstacle courses, slides, and much more but we support anyone who wants to join the inflatable party and display some creepy Halloween Inflates. Check out the following slideshow for some of the crazier Halloween inflatable decorations we have come across. 

What's Your Opinion?

We love hearing from everyone! What is your opinion regarding inflatable decorations? Are they gaudy and unnecessary or an awesome adornment of holiday spirit?

Ever consider building a website for your party? The classic method of informing people about your event was to send out paper invitations. This method evolved to send out electronic invitations. Well it is high time for another evolutionary step. With the advent of social media it has become easier than ever to get the word out about your party. Our suggestion, build a website for your party! Follow the brief tutorial below to see how you can setup your own party site.

The Cost

It is no secret that it costs a little money to start a website. On average a website can be made and maintained for under $20.00. The primary cost is the web hosting service (we suggest Bluehost.com as a host). You can use a free, easy to use, website builder like Wix or Weebly to actually construct the visual elements of your site. Be sure to include the date/time of the party, food options available, and be sure to mention any fun items you will be having like laser tag, bouncers, Fun Foods, or carnival games. The best part of all, you can use the website year after year for different parties!

Get the Word Out

Get the word out about your party. Link your new website to facebook so all of your friends will be able to visit the site. You can even use a free service like mailchimp to start an emailing list regarding your party. Keep all your guests up to date with party changes via colorful emails you design yourself. Having a website and facebook page for your party will ensure that all your guests are informed and it will save you the hand cramps from writing out all those invitations.


For a successful party in the digital age follow these general guidelines:
  1. Buy a website URL (example: www.myparty.com) We suggest using an inexpensive web hosting service like Bluehost
  2. Build your site, construct the visual elements of your site using a free easy to use builder like Wix or Weebly.
  3. Be sure to include all the important info on your site like date, time, and location of the party.
  4. Setup an email list for your party guests so they can stay informed on the status of the party (optional)
  5. Use social media like facebook and twitter to get your website URL our there.
  6. Be sure to relax! Parties are supposed to be fun.
When renting an inflatable you may ask yourself, is there anything else to keep the kids not in the bouncer busy? Well, there is! Here are a few ideas featuring some of the awesome carnival and other items that you can throw onto your order for very little extra money. Carnival Games, Fun Foods, and some smaller inflates are perfect as add on items.  Check out the list below and browse our site for all the extra party options.


Keep your guests busy by offering some awesome fun food. Fun food like popcorn, cotton candy, sno cones, funnel cakes, soft pretzels, and more, gives your guests something to eat as well as keeping pressure off of the bouncer. Essentially the goal is to have your guests spread out throughout your party and interact. Fun foods provide a perfect opportunity mingling.  Check out our complete but not exhaustive list of fun foods here.

Carnival Games

Games are another way to get guests interacting. Bakcyard games like cornhole or horseshoes stimulates interaction by the conduction of a team themed game. Carnival games also have the added benefit of being usable to the adults. Some adults do not want to ride on bouncers and other inflatables so providing them with some carnival games will keep them included. Plan your party so that everyone will have fun!

Inflatable Games

Maybe another type of inflatable might get your guests moving. Try our inflatable twister. Everyone loves that classic game of acrobatic acumen. Get yours guests excited, you can even offer a prize for the last person standing. Be sure to check out all of our inflatable gaming options. This item is perfect for kids and adults.

Hello Everyone! We are excited to show you the photos from our recent inflatable party at Cleveland State University. The party was sponsored by the Campus Activities Board and was meant to give students a break from midterm stress. Check out the photo slideshow below to see all the awesome inflatables we provide including our Giant Slide, Joust, Ultimate Obstacle, and More.