Howdy everyone! We have been working diligently to improve the already excellent quality of customer service we offer. The goal of our current project is to allow you the customer to create your own quotes online! In other words, you will be able to come to our website and get an instant quote! We hope this will expedite the booking process and allow us more time to concentrate on bringing you top notch quality products and services. So if you looking to book a bouncehouse, mechanical bull, photobooth, or any of our other excellent services; keep checking back for new updates and discounts!

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We have no restrictions on when you can book your party. If the equipment is available we will bring it. If you are planning a party for the upcoming warmer months, give us a call. You can book as early as you would like! Just another way we at Executive Events & Entertainment strive to make parties memorable.

Is it that time of year again. Time to pull out all of our inflatables and have them inspected by the Department of Agriculture for the state of Ohio.  The inspectors look at every inflatable to make sure that every bouncehouse and giant slide we rent is up to current industry safety standards.

It's the Law!

In the state of Ohio, each inflatable has to carry a license number and that license has to be renewed every year. If your rental company does not openly display the license number for each of their bouncers, the consequences could be drastic. According to Ohio law, inspectors can inspect or request the license paperwork for any bouncehouse or obstacle course they see. If your rental company cannot provide them with the paperwork then the inspectors may close down the bouncehouse and ruin the party! Remember, it's the law!

Check us out Licensing our Inflatables

There are a lot of different kinds of bouncehouses out there. Featured to the left is  a combo bouncehouse which has both a bouncing area and a slide! A common question we receive during the winter months is, "can an inflatable rental go indoors?" The answer is yes but there are a few things you should consider before attempting to get an inflatable indoors.  Check out the following tips on bringing the fun indoors during the winter. 

Tip 1: Check the Ceiling Height

The average bouncehouse is 12 ft tall but you need a ceiling height of 16ft. The extra space is needed because the bouncehouse will, for lack of a better word, bounce as the children use it. A good rule of thumb is that if you see the bouncehouse rubbing on the ceiling then it is a no go. Rubbing will cause a hole to form in the bouncer and it may deflate. 

Tip 2: Check the Doors

A bouncehouse is not much fun if it can't fir through the door! A rolled up bouncehouse can be up to and over 48" inches. Be sure you have a door wide enough. A bouncehouse will not fit through a standard door; for example the front door of your home is a standard doorway. 

Tip 3: You Can Always Ask

It never hurts to ask. If you are unsure your space is large enough or the doors wide enough then call and ask for a site visit. Some rental companies will send a representative out to measure and make sure you are choosing the best fit for your location. When in doubt, just ask.

Bonus Tip: Don't Limit Your Options

Don't limit your options. Depending on the size of your indoor space there could be all sorts of fun interactives available apart from a bouncehouse. You could have a Mechanical Bull or Photobooth Rental. Perhaps some indoor sports games like air hockey or fooseball. Be sure to explore all of your options!

There are a lot of photobooths out there. Making the decision of which kind to have at your party can be tough. Do you want just  a plain color printing booth or a interactive green screen? Would you like custom backgrounds for your photos?  Check out the following tricks and tips to renting a photobooth.

Tip 1: Know the Type of Booth

Photobooth Rentals come in many different shapes and sizes. When contacting rental companies be sure to know exactly what you want and know the difference between a photobooth and a photo station (basically in open air camera).

Tip 2: Know the Features

Some photobooths have social media uploading or email features that allow you to post your pictures directly to facebook and other social platforms. Other Photobooths have green screen backgrounds which animate your photos. When ordering your booth make sure it has the features you want!

Tip 3: Know the Price

This is perhaps the most important tip. Make sure you use a company which is up front about the cost. If you are buying a photobooth make sure your retailer tells you how much the cost is per print. If you are renting a photobooth make sure the company does not have any hidden fees. Be sure to shop around and read reviews of the company you are thinking of ordering from. Always ask for free props!


Buy a Bouncehouse

Ever want to own a bouncehouse but the ones available at your local retailer are just not cutting the mustard? Don't Worry! We know exactly how you feel. Check out the article below for the best place to buy a commercial bouncehouse locally and abroad!

Decide what Bouncehouse Best Fits You

Bouncehouses are fun but also require some basic maintenance to ensure you have the optimal bouncing experience.  A bouncehouse should be cleaned and sanitized after each use.  Be sure to choose a bouncehouse made out of easily cleanable materials like vinyl. A bouncehouse also needs to be dried out each time it gets wet or else mold will develop and ruin the bouncehouse! Finally, remember that a standard bouncehouse is 15 feet by 15 feet by 15 feet. Essentially most bouncehouse are like a giant cube; be sure to have plenty of space around all sides of the bounce to ensure that no objects will rub a hole in the bouncer.

Pick a Reputable Dealer/Manufacturer

This is perhaps the most important part. Be sure to buy your bouncehouse from an experienced dealer. There are lots of bouncehouses out there and some o them do not meet safety standards. Remember a lot of bouncehouses are made in China who may not have the same production or safety standards as the United States.  Always check where  the boucehouse was made. 

A stress Free Buy

Why not let someone else do the work for you? Have you considered buying a used bouncehouse from a reputable rental company? At Executive Events & Entertainment we take pride in knowing the bad bouncers from the good. We have spent years sifting through different inflatable manufacturers and we have a good list of great bouncehouse companies which we use to purchase our own equipment.  At the end of each summer season we sell our bouncehouses at an extremely discounted price. That means you get a professional quality bouncer for a fraction of the cost.  An added benefit is that the bouncehouses we offer are so gently used that it is difficult to tell the difference between our used ones and a brand new bouncehouse.  

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Temperatures are Falling but the Party Never Stops!

A lot of our customers think that once the winter time comes; that we are no longer open until spring. This could not be more wrong! We offer a whole suite of products and services which are perfect for winter time parties. We even have bounce houses that can go indoors! Check out the list below for our best holiday rentals.

Photobooth Rentals

Create lasting memories with our photobooth. With the social media photo upload option, you can let all your friends know how great your holiday season is going. We can also design your photobooth photostrip with a holiday theme or custom artwork of your choice. Perfect for any holiday party!

Indoor Bounce House

That's Right! We have an indoor bounce house. Our low profile bouncer is perfect for any indoor holiday party.  The best part is, that it is that same size as a normal bounce house just a little bit shorter in terms of height. Grab an low profile indoor bounce house for your next party or event.

Arcade Games

We offer a whole host of arcade games which are perfect for holiday events. Challenge your friends and family to a game of ping pong, billiards, fooseball or air hockey! We even offer a package that brings you the maximum amount of gaming for as little cost as possible.  Check it out today!


Amazing Water Slide Rental

We have searched the world wide and far for the most amazing water slide rentals. Check out the slideshow below for some pretty cool Water Slide Rental.  We also found the Worlds Longest Obstacle Course! Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we specialize in bounce house and mechanical bull rentals. We also have obstacle courses and slides but we do not have the worlds largest or longest.
  Although these inflatables featured below seem utterly jaw dropping; you have to keep in mind the amount of space and electricity it required to run them. None of the featured inflates would fit in your backyard. Sure!, anyone can pile the family into the car and drive to an amusement park but we specialize in bringing the party to you. We give you all the fun of an inflatable without the gigantic cost or footprint. Give us a call and see what kind of fun we can bring to your next party or event.

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Going to rent a bouncehouse? Well, we are here to inform you of several things to look for when renting a bouncehouse regardless of what company you are planning on using.  The condition of the  bouncehouse brought to you can be a good indication of the level of care the rental company places on their bouncers. Let's face it, you want to be able to have trust that the rental company is providing a safe product for you and your family to enjoy. Check out the following tips on choosing the right place to rent a bouncehouse from.   

The Query

When renting a bouncehouse make sure you do your due diligence and pay attention to how your interaction with the rental company feels. Did the company ask how many guests you are expecting? Did they ask what the age range of the kids are? These are just two examples of questions that any bouncehouse rental company worth its salt would ask. A good rental company will want to make sure that you are renting the appropriate inflatable for the amount of guests and age of the participants.


Once you have selected a company to work with be sure to note the cleanliness of the bouncer when it arrives.  Inspect the bouncer for mud or dead leaves/grass which may have been left behind from the last rental. This would be a sure sign that the company does not clean their bouncers regularly. Look for dark staining on the walls of the bouncer, this could be a sign that mold has taken root in the vinyl. Also, use your nose, a smelly bouncehouse is a dirty bouncehouse!


A good rental company will ask you for your feedback after the rental. Feedback is important to any business. A happy customer is a repeat customer. Be sure that the company allows you to leave feedback online in places like google or Facebook.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for choosing the right bouncehouse rental company.  Be sharp and you and your friends & family can have a safe and enjoyable bouncehouse experience!
Executive Events & Entertainment here and we wanted to share with you some of the best and worst Halloween Inflatable Rentals! Whether it is a bounce house, obstacle course, or mechanical bull there have been some well conceived inflatables and....well... some pretty terrible ones. Check out our list, and as always you can find safe, clean, and affordable bounce house rentals HERE.

The Best

Here we have an inflatable haunted house. OK The idea was well thought up but unfortunately you have to come up with your own scare tactics. Add a few strobe lights, fog machines, and creepy sounds and you have a full blown haunted house experience.  This is not our top pick but it comes pretty close to being the coolest inflatable rental in awhile.
Here we have a bounce house pumpkin style. Who doesn't want to jump in a pumpkin shaped bounce house, well maybe one with a little less creepy of a face. This has to be the most disproportionate pumpkin face we have ever seen. Either way this bounce house will give you plenty off Halloween fun.
This inflatable obstacle course takes the prize as the coolest and best Halloween Themed inflatable we have ever seen. Comes with multiple obstacles and a trap door slide! A good color combination coupled with HD haunted house graphics on the front of the obstacle course makes this one an inflatable to remember!

The Worst

Welcome to the spiderdome! Act now and you can jump in a bounce house that has the same coloring as the black widow spider, no venom please! Although this seems like a normal bouncer, it got onto our list for two reasons. Firstly, the entrance is constructed with the sole purpose of tripping every participant that tries to enter or exit. Second, it is technically not a spider, it only has six legs. Last time we checked, most spiders have eight legs.
How about a nondescript black castle shaped bounce house in a creepy white room. In fact it i not the bounce house that should be feared, it's keeping that room clean! Overall this bouncer is not too bad but it may make parents uncomfortable that they can only see their kids from one side. 
WINNER! This is the absolute worst Halloween Themed Inflatable that we have ever seen. In fact, we can't even tell you what it is. Is it partially inflated? Is it an obstacle course or a haunted house tube thing? We have no clue! So if you are looking to rent a bounce house, obstacle course, or photobooth this lengthy holiday season; look no further than the best Bounce House Rentals around, Executive Events & Entertainment!

Congrats Cleveland!

Congratulations Cleveland for getting into the World Series 2016!. This year has been a big year for Cleveland with the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA Championship and all of the recent urban rehabilitation projects in the downtown area.  Why not celebrate with throwing your own World Series Party. Check out the following items which we feel would make any World Series Party an event to remember regardless of what team you are rooting for. 

Speed Pitch

Celebrate the World Series 2016 with seeing how fast you and your friends can pitch a baseball. See if you can pitch better than Corey Kluber with this premium inflatable rental. So grab a ball, step up to the mound, and let it fly!

Inflatable Tee Ball

Batter's up! We don't know who will win the World Series yet but you can find out if you are a championship batter.  Grab a bat and see how far you can hit the ball.  Don't worry with a guided backdrop the ball comes back every time!

Bungee Sports Challenge

Okay so this one is not baseball themed but it offers the best of football and basketball all in one inflatable.  Shoot baskets or score a touchdown with the Bungee Sports Challenge. Oh!, did we mention you have to pull against your opponent while attached to a springy bungee cord. So take the challenge today!

The Multisport

Why limit your sporting options? Grab the multisport inflatable game and play basketball, baseball, soccer, frisbee and more. This is truly the best inflatable for any sports themed party.

Good Luck Cleveland Indians!

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