Summer Parties
Summer is here and that means it's time to party! From Backyard BBQs to Summertime Birthday Parties, we have the rental items to make your party amazing and more importantly FUN!  Over the years we have waded through the steamy mugginess that is summer to find the best items to beat the heat with. Below is  a few of those items. So if you are looking to cool off this summer and have a little fun at the same time, give Executive Events & Entertainment a call.

Dunk Tank Rentals

Ready.......Set........DUNK! Our Dunk Tank Rental offers all the fun of the classic carnival game with some added safety. Our Dunk Dunk features a red and white striped safety fencing to keep a safe distance between the tank and the thrower.  Check out the video below to see the Longest Dunk Tank Throw in the World made by Gatorade. Our Dunk Tank is the same design featured in the video without all of the Gatorade of course!

Looking for a way to keep cool without causing your water bill to go through the roof? Look no further than our Deluxe Slip N Slide Rental. Our Slip N Slides consume only a fraction of the water that a Dunk Tank Uses.  We offer two sizes, a smaller one for smaller children (not featured) and a larger, deluxe unit made for big kids and adults (Featured to the left). 

Looking for a Smaller Splash?

The Hydroblaster is a great way to keep cool without taking up a lot of space. An added benefit is the competitive nature of the game. up to four participants race to fill a balloon that hangs over each participants heads. First one to get their opponent wet wins!

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Hello Everyone! Executive Events & Entertainment is gearing up for another summer season. As the season starts we are busy cleaning up our inflatables so we can bring you, the customer,  the cleanest, safest product around. Check out the following blog article for information about how we clean our inflates. Be sure to view our homepage for the latest deals from 3E.

Scrub a dub dub!

You may have asked yourself, (if you haven't you most certainly should have!), "is the bouncer im renting clean?" If you rented your bouncehouse from Executive Events & Entertainment you can rest assured that that bouncer has been cleaned rigorously!  Our inflatables are cleaned and disinfected by hand after every rental.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process is simple. First we start cleaning our bouncer rentals by blowing the bouncehouse up. Once the bouncehouse is inflated we attack the dirt with mild dish-washing liquid soap and water. Each inflatable is scrubbed inside and out. Once the initial cleaning phase is done we move on to the disinfection stage. 

Viral Destruction!

Once the initial cleaning stage is done our bouncers are disinfected using Spray Nine spray cleaner. Spray Nine kills 99% of infectious bacteria and viruses including Ebola!  Once the bouncer has been disinfected it is secured in a storage bag and  placed on the shelf ready for the next party rental!  


So you may be asking, "why so much guff about having a clean bouncer?" Everyone, from little ones up to adults want to have fun in a safe environment. Here at 3E, we ensure your bouncing environment is clean and ready to go! In essence, we offer worry free fun for your party goers. Even if you choose another Cleveland Bouncehouse company; be sure to demand a clean and safe bouncer! Or you can contact us! 

There are tons of activities to do in the snow from tic tac toe to  making a snowman. Here at 3E our games are not just for the summer time. Check out the following products which are perfect for indoor and outdoor winter fun. Call and book today and ask about our Winter Deals!

The Photobooth

Say Cheese! Our custom photobooth captures lasting memories. Fully touchscreen operated and themed to your event.  Customize the photostrip with your colors, logo, or both. Now offering multiple effects including Comic Strip & Pop Art. The fun never ends with our awesome photobooth. Perfect for private and public events.

The Gameshow

Test your trivia knowledge with our custom trivia show. Have two teams face off in Family Feud, Jeopardy, or Simple Trivia. That is not all, ask for our complete list of gameshow games. Spend hours of fun with your friends facing and and seeing who can master all of our gameshow games. Call and book today!
We have changed up our gaming at Executive Events & Entertainment. All of our carnival games are now broken up into 3 distinct categories, Economy, Standard, and Premium. This is not to forget out awesome Arcade Games as well. Check out the selection below and see how you can build the most impressive yet cost efficient carnival around!

Economy Games

Our Economy Carnival Games will give you all the classic carnival fun without breaking the bank. Browse our list of economy carnival games and rest assured that Economy does NOT mean subpar in terms of quality.

Standard Games

Classic & Modern carnival games. Create your own midway with these time tested games. These games are best for giving your party a classic carnival look and feel. You can even mix and match your games! 

Premium Games

Our Premium Carnival Games are fun, unique, and sure to make SMILES! These are games you have not seen anywhere else! These games are unique and have been proven to always be a crowd pleaser.
Dont let the cold weather ruin your outdoor fun. Here in the laboratories of 3E we have come up with an awesome outdoor winter time game and best of all it is an old favorite......Laser Tag. With our inflatable barriers and completely portable guns you can have laser tag fun anywhere at any time.. Check our laser tag page for full details and start a wintertime war with your friends and family.

Looking for Indoor Fun?

Look no further we also have a variety of Arcade games which will easily fit into most indoor locations. Challenge your friends to some electronic darts or host a pool/air hockey tournament. The options are limitless so check it out today and start building your indoor arcade.

The new year is right around the corner so why not start a new tradition for a new year. We suggest reviving the old family game night or perhaps changing up your existing family festivities for new years eve. Why not count down the New Year while playing life sized Jenga or take on your family and friends in some classic gameshow style games like Family Feud or Jeopardy? Here at 3E we offer it all from Life Sized Operation to a full gameshow with contestant booths and gaming software. Check out the gallery below to see some photos from past events and see what we can bring to your family game night or new years celebration.  

Hello everyone! It is the holiday season again and we just wanted to reach out and wish all of you, our awesome customers, a very happy holiday season this year. So pour yourself some egg nog and sing a few holiday songs but be sure to check back with us next year because we will be starting a whole new year of savings! So come on back, don't be shy, and reserve yourself a Bouncer, Obstacle Course, or Mechanical Bull.  

Perhaps Some Carnival or Parlor Games?

Hey everyone, Here at 3E we are excited to announce that December is our licensing month. We are going to have all of our inflates including Bouncers, Obstacle Courses, Slides and More, licensed by the department of agriculture (Ohio). This event happens every year but since there is a preponderance of companies operating without licensing in our state we decided to announce it this year to reassure you, our customers, that we are doing everything we can to remain a reliable and quality source of fun. So you may be asking, "What's the big deal with having a bouncehouse licensed?" The answer to this question is simple. Licensing is a process which insures that each inflatable whether it be a bouncer or giant slide is inspected and meets all of the quality standards expected including but not limited to, cleanliness, that the inflate is free of tears or rips, and that the blower is in good operating condition. Licensing is key in keeping our customers happy and our product quality high. So check out the inflates below and know that you can rent our equipment without a worry, well except for having fun that is!   

It would seem that Bouncehouses are once again circulating in the news media. This story comes from October but it has been re-posted several times with updates on the condition of those injured. In Nashua New Hampshire on October 13th two children were injured as the bouncehouse on Sullivan Farm lifted off of the ground and over a ten foot fence. Although the injuries are minor that farm is still claiming that the bouncer was not open to the public at the time of the incident and that was why is had not been inspected or licensed yet. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we take this story to heart and would like to outline several issues that could help bring some clarity to the situation.

Book an Inspected and Licensed Bouncer Here

Dusting Off the Truth

  • it is now a requirement in New Hampshire for all bouncers to be licensed and inspected by the state fire marshal. The Bouncer at Sullivan Farm was not. The management of the farm claim that the inspection was "pending" but let us tell you that the bouncer company should be responsible for the licensing, not the customer! We have all of our inflatable amusements inspected sometimes up to 3 times a year and if it does not have a license, it does not get rented.
  • The Bouncer company should have informed the farm on the safe operating limits of the bouncer. Meaning, everyone involved should know what the maximum wind speed that the bouncer can handle. Bouncehouses should not operate in winds exceeding 25 m.p.h. no matter where you are.
  • Accountability is essential here, by blaming the customer (the farm) we are alleviating the responsibility of the bouncer rental company of ensuring a safe and operational product goes out to their customers. So share the accountability, the bouncer company is just as much to blame if not more for the bouncer incident at Sullivan Farm. Interestingly enough the name of the bouncer rental company is not mentioned in any news source.
Recently we brought out the Family Feud and rocked the Direct Marketing Solutions holiday party at Kate's Bar and Grill in Wiickliffe, OH. Members of the DMS team got to face off in our awesome family feud style game complete with podiums and team booths. You too can join the fun and have our feud style game at your holiday celebrations. We offer multiple packages and we are sure to have one that will fit your budget. So celebrate the holidays by gaining to bragging rights over your family and bring to the feud to your house!

Limited Time Offer!!!

Basic Package.................$550.00

Basic Package includes: 
  • Game Software with your custom questions pre-loaded.
  • Technician to run the games from behind the scenes.
  • Printed question cards for your host.

Deluxe Package..........$1590.00

Deluxe Package Includes:
  • Game Screen with Stand (large TV Screen)
  • Game Software with Custom Questions
  • Face Off Podium with Buzzers
  • Team/ Family Stations (2)
  • Fender PA System with Microphone
  • Gameshow Hosting Services